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  1. For some reason the functionality of easy csv has changed, and I think it may be due to some server change along with your newest version I'm using php v4.3.11 with csv_import v2.1.3. It seems to create new categories instead of putting them in the ones already there. I can get the first product to work by using static in front of $c_parent_id = 0; on line 245. But then it cocks up all the other categories. I also had to take out both of the foreach($cId as $c_id) { statements and replace $c_id with $c_parent_id in the insert query. Why do you think this is? The original $c_parent_id is not holding the value in the foreach loop. How is the $cId array meant to work? Could there be a problem with the caching in this version of php? Thanks.
  2. This contrib is called by the products listing module, installed as standard. So when a page calls the products listing module, this contrib will appear. Unfortunately different pages use different methods to call/sort products. When one of the filter parameters is used it then sends the data to whatever file called the products listing module, so products listing knows how to sort it. I did try changing this to a file that definately knows how to sort it, i.e advanced search, but then customers would only be able to filter through what they have already filtered. i.e. say they chose manufacturer a, they would not be able to see the results for manufacturer b in the same category, in fact if they chose that, they would see no products at all. Also I don't see where the manufacturers list page is on my site, but I assume that is called by index.php which doesn't understand the search parameters, so would just show the home page. If you tell me your site, I can go have a quick look to see where you mean so I can be a bit more helpful. Last line of filterlist.php <?php } ?> Yeah that could f**k up the rest of your script, if you remove one line without the other. Firstly check your db to see if you actually have products_tax_class_id in your products table. It's a bit too much for me to look at at the moment, but it looks like you may need to check any amendments you made to the index.php where I specified in an earlier post. Please note the code I posted cannot be copied and pasted directly to yours as it will be different for each individual site, so I hope you backed yours up. If all else fails just use the original index.php and play around with the filterlist.php Lines 418 - 421 untill you get the right order. Good Luck. P.S that enable/disable contrib shouldn't affect this one.
  3. Why, I think I have answered / attempted to answer all questions posed where I have the time. I will be away for the next month and will prob be quite busy when I get back, there have been other members in this community that have alos helped people so I hope that is good enough. I hope you enjoy the contribution
  4. First make sure that lines 418 - 421 in filterlist.php correspond to the correct alignment of your column headers, starting at 1 not 0. The default ordering is in fact done via index.php. BACK IT UP FIRST!!! Then look for the lines : if ((!isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'])) || (!ereg('[1-8][ad]', $HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'])) || (substr($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], 0, 1) > sizeof($column_list))) { for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($column_list); $i<$n; $i++) { if ($column_list[$i] == 'PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE') { $HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'] = $i+1 . 'a'; $listing_sql .= " order by final_price"; break; } } } else { $sort_col = substr($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], 0 , 1); $sort_order = substr($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], 1); $listing_sql .= ' order by '; switch ($column_list[$sort_col-1]) { case 'PRODUCT_LIST_MODEL': $listing_sql .= "p.products_model " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : '') . ", final_price"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_NAME': $listing_sql .= "pd.products_name " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : '') . ", final_price"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_MANUFACTURER': $listing_sql .= "m.manufacturers_name " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : '') . ", final_price"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_QUANTITY': $listing_sql .= "p.products_quantity " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : '') . ", final_price"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_IMAGE': $listing_sql .= "pd.products_name"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_WEIGHT': $listing_sql .= "p.products_weight " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : '') . ", final_price"; break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE': $listing_sql .= "final_price " . ($sort_order == 'd' ? 'desc' : ''); break; } } The default is this bit : $column_list[$i] == 'PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE' Change the CONSTANT to whatever field in the list you want. Then change the end of each $listing_sql line in the switch to the table column name you want it to revert back to. I don't have the date column in mine, but you would just need to add another case clause to the above switch. If you have the date added column you need to use the same handle ('PRODUCT_LIST_DATE' or whatever it is). If you don't have it it may be a bit more difficult as you need to add it to the $define_list array on line 198 in filterlist.php and to the switches on line 218 and 335 and finally to the SORT on line 417. I have not done this myself, and have just had a quick browse, so don't blame me if it all goes tits up. But I hope I pointed you in the right direction and get it to work. If you do get it to work, I'd suggest you add it to the contrib, and edit the instructions to correspond with what you did. Hope you enjoy the contrib.
  5. Hmm, yes I have noticed a few people having this problem and I will have to test it on a clean OsCommerce install. The only thing I can think of so far is to edit line 366 in filterlist.php if (($listing_split->number_of_rows > 0) && ((PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '1') || (PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '3'))) { ?> And just leave it as ?> Then the delete the very last line. See how you get on with that, also I think this contrib doesn't work with STS, I've not used that before so don't know the difference.
  6. Don't worry I sorted it by adding this code : // descriptions2 decoding $products_descriptions2_codes = explode(',', $descriptions['products_description2']); foreach($products_descriptions2_codes as $v) { list($code, $col) = explode(':', $v); $bindings['products_description'][trim($code)]['products_description2'] = $col; } to decode_bindings method. Cheers for the great contrib
  7. As requested, sort by feature is now added. In version 1.1 Enjoy
  8. Hi I have another problem. I am using a contrib that adds a second description field, and am trying to get it to insert it into the database. In the csv_import.ini file I have added : columns_headers = "category|model|name_en|quantity|availability|weight|image|cost|price|descrip tion_en|features_en|tax class|manufacturer name" products_description2 = "en:10" But it doesn't seem to add it to the database. Any ides?
  9. Hi, Thanks for working that out. I have not ever used the STS system so have not tested it with it. But now you have pointed some of its features out I may have a look, but not straight away. Yeah it will not work in an InfoBox as it relies on a query that leads up to products_listing.php. In an infobox, that would not be available. Version 1.1 should be out soon with the order by price etc.
  10. I installed it and get the error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function: link_post_variable() in /home/content/z/b/a/zbatson/html/ on line 370 Does anyone have this function and know where to put it? It doesn't seem to be installed or available in my OsCommerce framework :(
  11. What is the issue you are having with price with Tax? It filters out the price including Tax value. You can sort out by cost by clicking on the Cost title at the top.
  12. New Contrib to OsCommerce! Filterlist v1 has been designed to filter product results within a specific category, great if you have lots of products. Users can filter by price, keywords, the usual manufacturer and also choose how many results they want per page. See this link for an example (if the above link doesn't work, go to and go as deep as you can in any category).
  13. Cheers Jeff, Work's really well. I'm trying to edit it to have a drop down selection and it is working but I'm trying to find the total number of results for a "Select All" option, but I can't seem to find the variable. Any idea? i.e. $page_options = array(array('id' => $hold_max_pages, 'text' => sprintf(SHOWING_RESULTS, $hold_max_pages))); $page_options[] = array('id' => $all, 'text' => sprintf(SHOW_RESULTS, 'All')); $page_options[] = array('id' => 5, 'text' => sprintf(SHOW_RESULTS, 5)); $page_options[] = array('id' => 15, 'text' => sprintf(SHOW_RESULTS, 15)); $page_options[] = array('id' => 25, 'text' => sprintf(SHOW_RESULTS, 25)); $page_options[] = array('id' => 50, 'text' => sprintf(SHOW_RESULTS, 50)); echo tep_hide_session_id(); echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('max_pages', $page_options, (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['max_pages']) ? $HTTP_GET_VARS['max_pages'] : ''), 'onchange="this.form.submit()"');
  14. Does anyone know if there is a contribution that can give the user the option of how many products they want to view per page? If not I will try to make one.
  15. I found the error. In your last package you missed of the closing brace for the while loop. When I encountered this problem I put it in the wrong place, it is now in the correct place. <?php } } } closedir($handle); echo '</table>'; } ?>