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  1. I didnt proceed to the checkout stage but his google checkout button is appearing on the shopping cart page - that wouldnt be handled by the payment module ... im guessing thats just custom code he's entered on the shopping cart page to display that button - unless the payment module is set up to show like that on the cart page - not sure as I havn't used Google Checkout before - Do you remember setting up a payment module for Google Checkout cableforce ?? - or did you just paste some code in the shopping_cart.php page?
  2. Hi Dan, had a quick look at your site - looks like you've already set up Google Checkout - are you saying you ONLY want the customer to be able to select Google Checkout and remove the checkout option that takes them through your checkout system on your site?? if thats the case then all you'll need to do is remove the code that displays the "Checkout" button on your shopping cart page and just leave the code to display the Google Checkout button on that page
  3. cheers for that ... u were missing 2 }'s ... tried that and still got nothing :(
  4. Hi, I installed this on our shop (3.5.4) we're using MS2 and it works perfectly ... i tried installing it on another site using RC2 ... however when someone adds something to their cart it wont show up ... i checked the configure files and they both have the same STORE_SESSIONS location (mysql) ... is there anything else I can check? I just checked the database - the user agent is not being recorded either :| Cheers
  5. :lol: those damned aliens!! :D
  6. Hi Robert, Cheers for the response ... I completely removed the contribution, removed all Ultimate SEO URLS settings from the database and reinstalled it again - working fine now ... real weird cos all I did was remove the code i added into the modified files - uploaded those files back to the server (so it had no Ultimate SEO URLs code in there) - tested to make sure it was working without it (which it was) .... then put the same code for Ultimate SEO URLs i took out of the files back in - reuploaded - working fine now Cheers
  7. Nope ... same issue im using FWR Menu and i reset the cache on that too - still not working - I even set "Use Cache" to false in config ... still same issue ... and its not just happening in the categories menu ... also happens in product listing on main page ... links are showing as index.php?cPath=...?products_id=... but when i click on it, the URL displays correct in the browser ... weird
  8. Hi, What would be causing the links to show up as "index.php?cPath=...." in the source and on the page, but when clicked it displays the correct SEO URL? Using Ultimate SEO URLS v2.1d UPDATED 23-NOV-2008 and osC RC2a (latest) and the links are DEFINTELY NOT hard coded (using the tep_href_link function for all links) Cheers
  9. Ok got it sorted ... this was a weird one ... anyways I tried a newer version of FCK and that didnt work ... i even reuploaded a backup of the fckeditor folder I had from 2 days ago ... still no go ... i then reuploaded my ENTIRE /admin/ directory that I had backed up 2 days ago ... STILL nothing I remember installing this mod yesterday also Anti XSS for security measures ... but didn't for one second think this would be causing it ... deleted the mod and what do you know ... FCK editor is working now ... don't ask me how ... had a look at the Anti XSS mod and it edits the .htaccess file in the root directory that disables iframes ... which FCK editor is loaded in ... but how was the newsletter section loading the editor and the product description wasn't??? real weird!!
  10. Yep was thinking to try that ... no worries thanks Sam will let you know how it goes :) Cheers
  11. I have no idea what happened...everything was working fine and has been for about 5 months with FCK editor ... Today i set permission to my /admin/ directory to 777 just for a moment so I could run the Sitemonitor script...then changed it back to 755 ... everything seemed to be ok now we went to add a product and in the product description box we're getting this message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /admin/fckeditor/editor/fckeditor.html on this server. I have checked this file and the permissions for this file are 644 ... all the folders leading to it are 755 I havnt even touched this directory though ... We also use FCK editor for newsletter manager and it seems to be loading up there ... what happened :blink: Should also mention before anybody asks - yes the /userfiles/ and all folders in this folder have a 777 permission setting Cheers for ANY help we can get here :)
  12. ahhh what a klutz ... it only sets it to 0 if the db query has any results ... since reminder_sent is set to 1 for all sent orders in my database its not going into that statement and setting $orders_count to 0 ... makes sense now all good cheers :)
  13. That's what I thought aswell as $orders_count is first initialized to 0 so it should AT LEAST display 0 ... Ye it happened when i ran the code manually by accessing the php file ... Should I try a different version??
  14. Hi, Installed v1.02 and had a look at the code ... saw this was being sent to the store owner: $notice_message .= $orders_count . " email messages were sent. \n"; // Add number sent to the message In the email I get it says: It doesnt even say 0 email messages were sent .. ??