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  1. OK, problem for the totals section being overlapped.. I assume that the cell is not big enough. It's like this... but its pasted together and the total is not viewable. Sub-Total: $10.00 Canada Post [1 box(es) to be shipped]<br>Box - 3.2(kg) (Regular, <acronym title='Estimated Delivery Date'>EDD</acronym>: June 09, 2008): $4.36 5.0% GST#13087 7517 + 7% PST (BC): $1.72 Total: $16.08 What area should I modify? You guys rock.
  2. Quick 2 questions. I noticed that the Expedited and Regular shipping prices are the same. Priority is of course more expensive. But why the 2 same prices? Can this be different? Also, seems like everything is installed correctly, just wondering why my process is stopped at step 2. Logging into CP's system? What should I double check here?