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  1. A few years ago you made this contribution;

    Corrupted character on mysql with utf-8

    I just want to say a big Thank You!

    I have had a problem with my Japanese site for a long time, probably since my provider did some kind of upgrade. I am now finally able to once again directly edit my database.

    You are a life saver and a genius!



  2. draculakos

    Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance)

    on maintance store mode, when the users try to get into the site, the script takes him automatically to index_maintenance.php? Because i moved my shop on new domain with new cart script, and i am looking for a way when a customer get into my oscommerce site, to see a message and automatically redict him to my new shop. So if that script on the maintance mod moves the customer to index_maintenance.php (no matter on which product / url the customer trys to open) it could be good, coz i can add the code for redirection to this file..
  3. hi, i am thinking to install this contribution to my site, but i want to know first if the products will be accessable with the old way too, i mean with http://www.lalalxxxa.com/product_info.php?products_id=92 or only with the new way?
  4. draculakos

    Multiple categories per product..

    Yes, i just checked it:P (Χεχεχ, έχουμε, για αυτό και είμαι εδώ :Ρ)
  5. draculakos

    Multiple categories per product..

    yes but then i'll have to handle the quantity of both products (i mean of the product that it is in two categories..) Am i right or not?
  6. Hello guys.. I need a contribution that let me add a product to multiple categories. I found one but is too old and i am not sure if it will work with the latest oscommerce that i use. If anyone have an idea please post. The contrib i found is that : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2718
  7. draculakos

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    exactly! :)
  8. draculakos

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    i was thinkin if it is possible to choose to upload pictures for the slideshow, and then choose each pic to link to the product you want.. it would be great if it is possible
  9. draculakos

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    not any news from the creator yet :(
  10. draculakos

    Simple Price Break Contribution

    Hello, i checked all the versions and my result is that the best working version is the homewetbar 1.1b.. All the next versions after this doesn't work, they don't calculate the discount.. Basically the problem on those versions is inside the includes/classes/shopping_cart.php So everyone who like this contribution use version 1.1b.. (and i think that it is better to upload that version as last, because many people they download the latest version, they see that doesn't work and they delete it.. Many ppl doesn't read the forum) Anyway, thanks for good contribution.. I wanted a discount contribution but i wasn't enable to use price break because my site is already too modified!
  11. draculakos

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    i iinstalled the latest version but when i am trying to get in to the admin page i get this error : 1146 - Table 'oscommerce_.TABLE_TESTIMONIALS' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from TABLE_TESTIMONIALS [TEP STOP] i have already run the sql : CREATE TABLE `customer_testimonials` ( `testimonials_title` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', `testimonials_id` int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment, `testimonials_html_text` longtext NOT NULL, `testimonials_name` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '', `testimonials_email` varchar(70) NOT NULL default '', `date_added` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '', `status` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1', PRIMARY KEY (`testimonials_id`) ) TYPE=MyISAM;
  12. i made it finally, thank you.. there wasn't any problem.. just the status id had to be bigher:) great contrib..
  13. i tried everything.. have a look!
  14. first of all i want to ask, the jquery is exactly the same as the oscommerce standard, why did you put it on package then? second what is the status id ? i installed the contribution but it doesn't work for me.. It doesn't appear the options in the orders.php, it looks like i didn't add any options in the mysql.. I am using only one language (greek) and i saw that it has id 4, so i put on the language id 4 but didn't work too.. any idea?
  15. draculakos

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    NOTICE : I am using this very good script not as USPS Insuranse, but as gift wrapping option.. I made to it some very small changes, and i am using it as an option for giftwrapping the items of my customers :) I m telling this just to give an idea to other people who may need this thing, because there isn't any script for giftwrapping.. (only one very old, bad made, junk code!)