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  1. jtopp

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Yes, that's done the job thank you It seems to work perfectly - I have applied the minumum quantity patch (from the FAQ's), that's working well too. Thank's a lot
  2. jtopp

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Thanks fo rthe rapid respones - do you mean that it should enforce the rule "it used to work that way" -? So is this a little bug ?
  3. jtopp

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I have installed latest OSC and QPBPP (downloaded 12 may 2008) - All seems to work OK I have just one problem, the quanity block seems to work, but only when adding a product to the cart, the first time adding a product it suggests the block quantity, but then it is possibel to change the quantity to a number below the quantity block, then checkout etc. proceeds without any correction of the quantity. (or warning) I expected that it would be impossible to order a quantity which did mot match the "quantity block" rule Is this normal behaviour or do I have a problem with my installation. ? What I really want to do is to just have a minimum quantity for a product - I tried the patch in install.html FAQ's and it works - but again it is posibble to change the quanity to something below the minimum and then check out / order that quantity Can you suggest a fix if the rule is not enforced in the standard contribution ?