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  1. Hi all, at first I'd like to thank you the wonderful work you are doing here. I've just registered because I'm running MS2 on a professional server and now, I want to set some contributions under RC2 (local). I decided to start with SPPC to add later QPBPP but I don't know how to do it. I can find SPPC for RC2, QPBPP for RC2, but the contribution called "Quantity Price Breaks for Separate Pricing Per Customer" doesn't work properly with RC2 versions because of its date. I'd like to find the way to set both contributions for RC2. I've to tell that I've been trying to "mix" both but it's for me impossible. Of course I don't want you to work now in this contribution, I just want to know a trick to start developing other contributions to my "template". Sorry for my bad English. Thanks