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  1. Nikko73

    Quantity Price Breaks

    @ Jan_Zonjee Hi! Thanks for quick answer. I will use the QPBPP - not back to the backup. I like to hide this table (1+,2+,3+....) , because I dont need this. And if I set 10 Prices, than is this table to big. If only displayed the "FROM PRICE", that is enough. But you have say, I can change the sourcecode. But in which file i must change it? Many Thanks!!!!
  2. Nikko73

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hello! I`m Nikko - a new user of the contribution - and my english ist not very good. But I think, that you understand my question: Can I disable the table (1+, 2+, 3+........) on the product-page, or is the table a "MUST HAVE" (required) for the correct function of the script? I mean this table: Visit My Website And if I can disable the table, in which *.php I must do this? - I have tested the product_info.php in root, but I think, it is not the right. If I have disable the table, I like show the "FROM PRICE" like here: Visit My Website 2 What must I do?? Pls send me a PM or post it here. Thanks!!! Nikko