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  1. spongebobSP

    align: top; $contents

    Hi , Is there a way to align all the php that appears in $contents to the top. It is centered vertically on my page at the moment and I am having to use spacers to move it to the top. I think this will also push my templates tables apart if more info is in the contents e.g. an error feild. many thanks <_< <_<
  2. spongebobSP

    Adding Php to STS template

    Hi, I'm just tryin to add a php script to my sts template, but I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in .../includes/sts_templates/full/index.php.html on line 88 I have read that it is posible to put php in with the templates, Have I got the wrong version I wonder?
  3. How do I change the layout of the product pages? $list_box_contents = array(); yada yada.... i try and i try but this a difficult one. can anyone just explain this file. then i will go