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    How can i program my Authorise.net in my site

    I already figured it out and so far no one has an answer :):) When going in to the site under Administration go to accounts and you will see there Authorize.net ready change the false to true and in the site of Authorize.net you will have to go to API Login ID and Transaction Key in http://account.authorize.net/UI/themes/ane...sactionkey.aspx and there you get the Current API Login ID : 22LUc28 that is an Example and then Current Transaction Key : 5shgashbde6 what ever and change all to true in accepting what ever in the config. Thank you if you have any more Questions i can scan it and post it here. Very best regards Aline21
  2. I would like to know if i can get some help or where to go to program AUthorise.net as my merchants credit card company . What i see when i go in the system that there is AUTHORISE.NET in my administration web site , I would like to know if i can do it myself , Or if there is a place where it tells me how, I just applied for the account and hope that by Monday i will get approved to use it . But really need your help to install it in my system and test it. Very best regards New member and happy to join you all Aline21