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  1. Thanx. I think I've sorted it now. I was just bein over cautious as usual!
  2. Yes, I've set up a Merchant/Business account. I just don't recognise any of the configurations required!? Thanx for reply.
  3. Hi, I am a newbie gradually learning more every day, so any help will be most appreciated. I've finished adding products to my store, set up my Paypal account.. & yet I come to this section on the Admin page in the configuratio0n process & none of it makes sense to me! I click on Modules, & install 2 Paypal payment systems (can't remember exactly what they're called, but I signed up for a business account, so I didn't install the standard account setting on list). After clicking on edit & looking at all the options I was completely baffled! Apart from my Paypal email & password, I don't know what to put for 'Merchant Login ID', 'Partner', etc. And it doesn't seem right to me to enter my Paypal password! I wouldn't post this unless I was completely stuck. Thanx for readin!