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  1. FYI anyone else who does something like I just did----- From the installation.txt of the USPS shipping module: "DO NOT rename the old usps.php and leave it in the directory, as doing so will create problems (the modules manager builds the display from all modules in the directory)." I removed the old usps that I had renamed, and everything works. What a relieve. :rolleyes:
  2. Chris, yes I did. Then problem started. Replaced changed files with backups. No luck. Did complete backup. Overwrite. No luck. Removed all OSC files and did a fresh backup not overwritting. Still no change. I have no idea. Something to do with sql maybe -- I am really guessing here. Jim
  3. Thanks for the info, Chris. I just checked and the shipping modules are all present; even the USPS postage calculation is working on the customer side, but I still cannot access the edit remove install column for Shipping in admin. Very strange. Jim
  4. I have changed something in a working program. Even the backups are not working. Shipping module no longer displays the right hand column with the install remove edit choices. The Payment module works, as does Order Total. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :blink: