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  1. Hi ssoeb, sorry for my bad English, is a translation of google. I tried your contribution but does not work with the prices of the products on offer. I refer to the version 2.2 Have you checked this? Thanks for your help. Greetings, figue
  2. Thanks for this contribution! Sorry for my bad English, is translated with google. Currently, this contribution allows you to have an image for each "products_options_values_id". I need to have an image for each "products_attributes_id". I modified the code to get a picture for each attribute but can not get the file ajaximage.php the value of "$id" is = "products_attributes_id". Now the value of "$id" is = "products_options_values_id". Another possibility that also allow me to do is get the file ajaximage.php you could take the product id "products_id", ie this works: $prod_id = (int) $HTTP_GET_VARS [ 'products_id']; Can you help with this problem? Thank you.
  3. please delete this post.
  4. I do not speak English, this is a translation, excuseme. Hello, I need aid with contribution pdf to coustomer invoice. I have seen that it has bug and I put captures so that one sees what it happens. It seems to me a great contribution for the edition of invoices of easy form and with a very pleasant design, mainly because it adds one second page when they surpass a certain one I number of lines. Fodder that this can not interest to some, but is something essential if they are wanted to use the invoices of oscommerce. This contribution is developed from contribution pdf invoice. I have verified that the code piece which they share has the same error or problem. In the file pdfinvoice.php we have this: //Check for product line overflow $item_count++; if ((is_long($item_count / 32) && $i >= 20) || ($i == 20)){ $pdf->AddPage(); //Fields Name position $Y_Fields_Name_position = 125; //Table position, under Fields Name $Y_Table_Position = 70; output_table_heading($Y_Table_Position-6); if ($i == 20) $item_count = 1; } With this when the invoice has 21 line adds one second page. And this it is indeed the problem. That changing to number 20 by another number this it changes but is not that, that is already not the solution since the error would take place in another line. As I say with this configuration if facura has 21 lines already are created two pages. The failure is in which in first there are 21 lines (one by each reference) and is not the total of invoice. And in the second page there is no line of product and it appears the total of the invoice. In this case the second page exceeds, I believe that it is an error of the contribution. If the invoice has 20 lines or 22 lines its not problem since with 20 lines a single page is created and if there are 22 lines is created one front page with 21 lines and one second page with 1 line and the total. Since I have before said in contribution pdf invoice, in version 1.4 it is spoken of the solution of this problem and the code is added that I have put before, or rather it changes by that there was in the previous versions. This change does not serve don't mention it since with both it works similarly. The code that was in the first versions of pdf invoice is this and as I say it works just as the one that I have put but above: //Check for product line overflow if ($i == 20){ $pdf->AddPage(); //Fields Name position $Y_Fields_Name_position = 125; //Table position, under Fields Name $Y_Table_Position = 70; output_table_heading($Y_Table_Position-6); } I put captures so that veais of which I speak. That there are many they have this contribution and seems to me stranger who has not been solved before. I have looked for in the forum but I have not found anything. If some him podeis to throw a look would thank for it to you. A greeting and thanks.