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  1. I did a completely fresh install of oscommerce and seourls. i used a brand new database, i installed 2.1d I am STILL getting this issue. please please advise www.amalgamated-stuff.com when you go to my items they do not work. when you right click and put copy url to clipboard and paste the url into your browser and then add ?options={1} the items will then load does not work: http://www.amalgamated-store.com/speed-cru...ntrol-p-18.html works: http://www.amalgamated-store.com/speed-cru...tml?options={1}
  2. apparently this is related to the 2.1e release. i have reverted back to the 2.1d release by replacing the seo.class.php file and changing the .htaccess file
  3. I was having this problem because I thought I had accidentally made a mistake in my installation somewhere. Then i deleted everything and started over, losing my databse in the process because although I backed it up, i somehow didn't get all my products and stuff in it. Whatever, fine. But, now, I just did a clean install and put in the google checkout module and the Ultimate SEO URLS module. NONE OF MY ITEMS WORK. When I click on them they error out. if I add ?options={1} to the end of my urls then they load fine BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure this out www.amalgamated-store.com right click any of the items or links that don't work, put copy link to clip board and then paste into the browser adding ?options={1} to see what i mean please please please help
  4. I am having a problem that seems like it is related to SEO URLS, but I guess it may not be. The problem started happening when I added a static IP to my site and enabled ssl. My website is at www.amalgamated-store.com I have added google check out, SEO URLS, and Ultrapics. Suddenly (that is, it worked before i went to bed, then i got up and it didn't) all of my items stopped working. And firefox was returning an error: "fire fox has realized the page will never redirect like it is supposed to" something to that affect. It turned out I had two 'working' items in my shopping cart from the night before, and when i clicked on the them worked. That lead to my discovery that if you added ?options={1}1 to the end of all the broken item links then they would load. my store not working: https://amalgamated-store.com/watt-guitar-p-83.html working https://amalgamated-store.com/watt-guitar-p...ml?options={1}1 any ideas?
  5. amalgated

    cannot find vsadmin

    I have my API Login ID and Transaction key properly set up i believe. secrutity settings->api login id and transaction key -- is where i am getting the information When using the 'aim' method, i don't get a chance to enter CC. and i get this error when i hit 'confirm:' error "(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive." When using the 'sim' method, i cannot not get a cc to go through. I am supposed to tell auth.net where my vsadmin folder is or something but i cannot find it.. where would it be? www.amalgamated-store.com thanks for the help.. i am clueless
  6. I want a guest to be able to go directly to the check out without forcing them to 'make an account'. Something like, "continue without making account" Are there any contributions like this?
  7. Great Contribution. I just installed the latest update with the lightbox support. Everything works great except when I try and remove images from a product. I get this error: Warning: unlink(/mnt/w1007/d11/s14/b0287842/www/amalgamated-store.com/images/346.jpg) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /mnt/w1007/d11/s14/b0287842/www/amalgamated-store.com/admin/categories.php on line 234 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/w1007/d11/s14/b0287842/www/amalgamated-store.com/admin/categories.php:234) in /mnt/w1007/d11/s14/b0287842/www/amalgamated-store.com/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 22
  8. amalgated

    Best Addons

    I was wondering if I could maybe get some suggestions here as to what contributions I should be looking at. I am browsing them but so many things do the same thing if there are specific contributions that just work so well or are just such good solutions that they are an obvious choice. I know its a general question, but I think what I'm asking is clear Thanks!