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  1. Of course you'd assume I'm dumb, because you're brilliant. But you see, it wasn't me, it was your contribution. And you did not freely refund the money, I filed a PP complaint and they took the money from you. There were NO mistakes on my part, but you want to think that because that's what will make you feel better about yourself. Jetta is not whining, she is merely pointing out the obvious: You charged me to install your contribution on my site and it failed. Then you refused to fix it. And you left me with no choice but to pay someone else to fix it. Thank you Jetta.
  2. Moving forward... I have large downloads that I need to break up into into multiple files for download. I see that this option should be available based on the description: But I cannot find the option to enable this in the Admin Config. Here's my screen: I happened to find this image in a thread for an older version of SDS. So I wonder where I can find the options for my install of SDS?
  3. biggeorge

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    I don't... sorry. Hope you get it worked out.
  4. biggeorge

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Have you tried changing the price of the $4.99 product to $5.00? I say this because if a customer uses a $5.00 coupon on a $4.99 product, technically you would owe them $.01 in change... not a zero balance. Perhaps the code doesn't understand that.
  5. I never asked you to repair my site for free, big boy. Your response speaks volumes as to the caliber of business man you think you are.
  6. We could have had this conversation privately via PM, but you ducked my PM's. You're only responding now after 4-days because you've been called out on it in open forum. You are correct, you are not a magician, and you know as well as I do that you did indeed have trouble during the installation... I have 43 PM's to prove it. Don't kid yourself, Chris. Much like when you didn't reply to my PM's as to why my project wasn't finished and then claimed my server was down for 15 hours. Funny, the 6,000 member forum I own that sits on that same dedicated server wasn't down during that time. Nor were any of the sites I host. Nice try, buddy. Unfortunately your actions have lead me to think of you as one of those business people that we see too often online... once you have the money you do as little as possible, you duck PM's, then you make false accusations and erroneous claims in an to attempt disparage the customer when you're called out in open forum. I'll sit with the error and hire someone to correct it, buddy. I hope the money you made was worth me voicing how poorly I feel about you and your business ethics.
  7. This will be my final bump. I paid DunWeb to install this add-on on my website and he is not responding in this thread nor via PM. Certainly not what I expected from a Sponsor.
  8. Still waiting to hear from the DEV with a resolution.
  9. When I add a new videoclip download though the product attributes I'm getting an error. When I click the back button the attribute is added, and the videoclip is able to be downloaded. But I'm curious about the error and how to correct it... any suggestions? Just FYI... I haven't added any addons. George
  10. He is STILL spamming! How is someone in the BANNED usergroup allowed to send PM's?

  11. biggeorge

    Authorize vs Capture in authorizenet_cc_aim.php

    I do not use Authorize.net, but with my CC company module "Authorize" is set to "false" so it capture funds immediately. On the authorize.net website their definitions are similar to what you are thinking... Personally, I would call authorize.net and ask them if you don't get a fast response on this forum. http://www.authorize.net/support/
  12. biggeorge

    Checking File Permissions

    I'm having the same problem! I do not have the line BOX_TOOLS_NEWSLETTER_MANAGER . '</a><br>' in my tools.php file. Running 2.3.1