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  1. I am needing to add a basic shipping table, but am not familiar at all with the shipping modules so I'm pretty lost. The developer who had helped with setting up the cart did not set up the shipping module and left that part for me, but I'm lost at step #1. We basically have 3 product categories (A, B and C) For products A and B, want to charge based on # of units: 1-2 units $8.50 3-4 untis $9.25 5-7 units $10.00 8-10 units $10.75 10-15 units $11.50 16+ TBD (call for quote) For product C, also want to charge on # of units: 1 unit $11.75 2-3 units $12.75 3-5 units $13.75 6+ units TBD (call for quote) Are there instructions out there to help set this up and apply to the products? Thanks Francisco