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  1. pjones

    easy populate error

    The problem goes away on earlier versions, so I'm sticking to them. However I now have another issue with EP, this time in conjunction with the header tag controller. I can see the header fields in admin/products and when I manually enter them they appear. When I download EP, the fields are not to be found. If I enter the fields in the spreadsheet and upload, once again they appear. It's a little concerning that they are lost in the EP download process. I went down to EP2.41beta7 from 2.60 and it is the same. Any thoughts on this?
  2. pjones

    easy populate error

    Does EP preserve product attributes, such as size and colour? It seems to lose these whenever I load a new file.
  3. pjones

    easy populate error

    I progressively deleted all fields leaving just product model and description. That seemed to work, but when I entered a price it failed. I loaded EP2.6 and it all worked fine!
  4. pjones

    easy populate error

    The only slashes I see are for the image locations, such as 'dvd/blade_runner.gif'. Surely this cannot be the problem?
  5. I have this running and it gives good info. I would also like more than 50 records to get the big picture of the days visitors. My real interest is with the first originating URL (which tells me where they came from) and whether they achieve checkout success. I could live without the intermediate info if it meant I could see 24 hours of traffic. Another comment - the idle time indicator reads approx 9mins for every visitor, so is redundant in my case.