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  1. AlwaysNewbie

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I'm glad you fixed the problem. EP contribution is the one of my favorite contributions and makes life easier at least in some cases, and it is absolutely MUST HAVE in most cases.
  2. AlwaysNewbie

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    GwilliamP, you're kidding, right? Where you think it stored f it "appeared in the catalogue, admin pages and an EP download"? The only place is the database. Check your sql queries, otherwise it looks like it stores somewhere on a moon...no offence...
  3. AlwaysNewbie

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Glen, Thanks for your contribution, it is one of my favorites contributions and it works great. I think nobody blamed you or will blame if your product will not work as it should in CRE loaded shop if instruction says it is not for CRE loaded. Actually, CRE loaded shop also "Powered by Oscommerce". I made a conclusion that talking about CRE loaded stores here is a taboo, because of pressure of CRE team. It's all about money folks, very simple. Despite that CRE loaded version 6.2 standard is free CRE loaded team does next to nothing to help on their forum.
  4. AlwaysNewbie

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    This is actually a HUGE benefit. You will know that after you will receive the payments and no information what customer ordered. Will you send a letter to customers? Will you call them? These customers will never return to your site again.
  5. AlwaysNewbie

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    As I understand, the main purpose of PayPal IPN contribution is to save order card if for some reasons customer didn't return to your site after making payment. In such case if you use PayPal Website Payments Standard you will not have any information about order, exept of payment amount and address from the PayPal email. PayPal IPN saves that data, so if customer will not return to site you will have it anyway.
  6. AlwaysNewbie

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Bushmaster, I didn't expect Glen to debug someone else's code. I just downloaded latest version and posted version number and my results about this great contribution. You suggested to change the code and I thank you for your help. I didn't know that time that you were talking about older version. I didn't ask Glen to make any changes, he made his post himself. Thanks for help.
  7. AlwaysNewbie

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Thanks for reply. I am not sure, do you mean checkbox problem is solved? As I said, with version 3.51 (don't know about 3.52-3) it was just fine: whenever I click on a checkbox I see result immediately. Now I have to move focus on something else...
  8. AlwaysNewbie

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I just updated to version 3.53 from 3.51. I didn't have a problem with checkbox in IE before. Now it only refresh the page on a checkbox lost focus event. Before it did on a click event and it was more convenient. Now I have to click something else to refresh the page :( Otherwise it works very good. Did anybody think about marriage of Supertracker contribution and this one? I think it would be great, too bad I don't know PHP :( Anyway, this is a great contribution. Thank you very much!
  9. AlwaysNewbie

    Contribution Issue

    I want to install that great contribution, but before doing that want to know if it works and has no conflicts with STS 4.58. Thanks for any help. Michael
  10. Well, in my case it didn't auto install because I already tried to install contribution in a past. Then, because of my host server didn't allow rewritable functions in .htaccess file I uninstalled it. I changed my host and installed contribution again. Well, contribution has some code checking couple variables and install sql if it is needed. In my case contribution decided not to install sql because of some these variables still had values. I found the place where it is and change code temperarily. After it made nesesesarry changes in database I changed code back. I don't remember exactly where I did this code change.
  11. AlwaysNewbie

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Bill, thank you so much! I am amased how you remember all such postings... I made changes described in http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1204504 (some modifications were needed cause my testimonials version was a bit newer I believe) and it started working fine! I didn't do http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1205209 because I didn't understand a thing and I didn't noticed anything wrong in database or anything else. Again, thank you very much!
  12. AlwaysNewbie

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Bill, I posted earlier, but I guess my post now is too deep... Probably you can give me some light what's going on or at least give some directions what to look at... I have small problem now and don't know how to solve it. When user clicks Submit button on a testimonial writing page he got next error: Fatal error: Call to a member function size() on a non-object in /home/media777/domains/MYDOMAINHERE.com/public_html/includes/classes/sts.php on line 186 I checked that line and line looks like this: if ($messageStack->size('header') > 0) { $template['content'] = $messageStack->output('header') . $template['content']; I am not sure what is related to, I don't know PHP enough to solve it, for me it looks like 'header' is not defined or something. The interesting thing is that testimonial user was writing inserted into database OK. I don't know where to look the answer. Probably you can give me some light. Also, if I shutdown STS everything's fine (at least with testimonial contribution). Thanks for any help. Michael
  13. AlwaysNewbie

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hello everybody! I just installed contribution and some strange thing happening: despite it looks like everything is Ok (no errors at least) it doesn't generate sitemaps.xml file. I checked the file and it still has sample info. I did changes for STS users as it was suggested, when I run "submit" I got the page with links, but still file sitemaps.xml is old. Thanks for any advice. Mike