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  1. msasek

    LoginRadius for osCommerce v2.2

    Just to revisit this, I dropped in your files and it worked great with only one problem - the infobox was throwing a re-declared class error after logging in with one of the services or going to the cart, so I wrapped the include in a conditional that checked if the class was already declared. In the bm_loginradius.php infobox, just wrap the include like this: if(class_exists('LoginRadius') != true) { require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'bm_loginradius.php'); }
  2. Just an update for anyone using any version of this mod (3.5 or older), it has a serious XSS security flaw. It was not properly sanitizing input, and allowed XSS attacks. I have updated the package to correctly sanitize input to no longer allow xss attacks. Get v3.6 and update your shop immediately. All you have to do is replace the catalog_products_with_images.php file with the fixed version. That will close the hole. Download it here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1410
  3. msasek

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Most likely, you are missing a curly bracket or have an extra one somewhere . Check to make sure you are not missing one. Remember that it could be caused by an extra curly bracket anywhere above the error in the file. The best bet is to start fresh and try to find the differences in the curly brackets before you make a change.
  4. msasek

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks for the replies. JanZ, your help got me looking through the mod and I was able to trace the issue to another mod that was not playing nicely with SPC4. It seems I had the exact same problem as Dave, the table not getting created. I use the column product listing mod, and this is where the entire process bogged down (due to my poor first attempt at adding the SPC4 mod to it). Once I fixed the issues with the col_prod_listing.php file, everything started working beautifully. Wonderful improvement over SPC 3.5 and it was rather easy to install. BTW, I installed this manually on a heavily modded shop that had SPC 3.5 already installed. Again, thanks for the help!
  5. msasek

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi, I am testing an install of SPC 4.0, and I am pleased with the admin end of things. I am encountering an SQL error on index.php though, when clicking on categories in the categories box: 1146 - Table 'osc.specials_retail_prices' doesn't exist There is nothing in the included sql files that creates this table. What is the structure for it? Can someone paste the sql here to create it ?
  6. I solved this issue by changing the define to: define('FILENAME_DOWNLOAD', 'download.php'); :)
  7. Hi, I have this mod almost working on MS2. My problem is the download link is not properly defined. It always looks like this: http://mysite.com/ms2/catalog/CONTENT_DOWNLOAD.php?order=30&id=12 The problem is CONTENT_DOWNLOAD always shows up instead of the actual filename. I have looked in filenames.php, and my download is defined like this: define('FILENAME_DOWNLOAD', CONTENT_DOWNLOAD . '.php'); Where is CONTENT_DOWNLOAD defined?
  8. Christine, It sounds like you are at your wits end :evil: First, I would check to see that you actually uploaded the file ot_coupon.php to the catalog/includes/modules/order_total directory. If it is there and you cant see it from the admin>>Modules>>order total section, chances are you made a mistake somewhere in the installation process. This mod is complicated, so there are many chances to make mistakes. As an aside, I think you misread the reply by strider. I didnt catch anything other than emphasis off the post that sent you spinning :) I dont think anyone thinks you are an idiot, heck we hardly know you :wink:
  9. msasek


    Deborah, it is 'Not Quite' fixed. Hence the post. I am looking for a little help in getting it working right. :) Once I get it working, you can bet I will share it with everyone, but it is a little pointless, since my 'Fixes' still don't actually fix anything yet. The thing that was broke before I started meddling is still broke. :)
  10. msasek


    When testing the banner display (on an MS2 install) if I use option 2 (click tracking) the image is always broken. I managed to fix all the variables in affiliate_show_banner.php that were not MS2 compliant, so that when debugging the banner display, all the paths and URL's are correct. Everything checks out during debugging except the last check: When direct linking the banner (option 1), the banner displays properly. It will not display when using affiliate_show_banner.php. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
  11. Sammy, It most certainly will affect the installation of other mods. You cannot overwrite the files, you will have to manually add any other mods, unless they are made to use BTS. I have had no problem installing many mods after installing BTS, you just have to add a lot of the changes to the .tpl.php files - depending on the mod. Manual installation, no overwriting. :)
  12. I managed to figure it out. I just moved the ICW code out of the 'if' statement, immediately after the closing } and it now displays the GV link and balance all the time when you are logged in, regardless of the items in the cart. Most likely I just added this in the wrong place? Thanks! Just typing out the explanation gave me the idea on what to change. This is really a nice mod, thanks for the work!
  13. This is the issue I was having regarding downloads must be activated in order for GV to skip the shipping page. Illicious: I am probably not being clear on my second issue. The gift vouchers balance do not show up in my shopping cart side box (if I have a gift voucher balance in my account, not a new gift voucher for purchase) , UNLESS I have another product in the shopping cart. If I log into my account, and I know I have a balance of $20.00 (from gift vouchers previouslt purchased), it will not show up as a GV balance, nor will the links to send to a friend show up, unless I have some other item in my shopping cart. I would like the balance to always show in the shopping cart side box if I am logged in, regardless of whether or not I have anything else in my cart. I hope that makes more sense.
  14. Jason, I managed to fix it by enabling downloads in the admin. This is the only way I could get it to work. There are no other modules in the admin under order total, but the standard ones installed with oscommerce and the 2 installed with the gift voucher mod. Neither of these have any options for disabling shipping. Maybe I am blind :shock: , but I looked in all the order total modules, and only under the 'shipping' module was the 'allow free shipping' but this was enabled already. Regardless, if it works, I am happy. Next, I am having trouble with the shopping cart box. The only way the gift voucher shows up is if another product is added to the cart, otherwise, you would never know you had a voucher. Is there a way to get the voucher to display even if you have no other items in your cart?
  15. Hi, I have installed this on MS2, and everything is working except shipping gets charged on all vouchers. I created the gift voucher with the product ID of GIFT100 and set its weight to 0. I also double checked the code in checkout_shipping.php, and I have added this : // if the order contains only virtual products, forward the customer to the billing page as // a shipping address is not needed // ICW CREDIT CLASS GV AMENDE LINE BELOW // if ($order->content_type == 'virtual') { if (($order->content_type == 'virtual') || ($order->content_type == 'virtual_weight') ) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('shipping')) tep_session_register('shipping'); $shipping = false; $sendto = false; tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, '', 'SSL')); } What else should I be checking? I am sure that I am missing something simple here, but I cannot see it :)