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  1. VWAntigo

    Recover Cart Sales

    If only I could get this interesting contrib. running. I actually need it because some customers are not returning from my payment service (brazilian) but leave the money there, so it would be helpful for me to recover these unfinished carts. Well, I installed and everything looks fine but when using the tool, I get no results. The page reloads for a while and nothing happens. No error message. Just the same page as before. Any indication where to start looking would be greatly apreciated. SQL 4, OSC 2.2 MS2, RCS 2.30 (trying out with all values set to default).
  2. VWAntigo

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    Still loosing my shipping costs at returning customer :-(
  3. VWAntigo

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    Sorry, I couldn't test it because I am running a shop that is frequently visited, so I had to quickly de-install it. I was logged in when it did that. For a test, I left the FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING original in the shopping-card to do a Checkout the old-fashioned way (working!!) Only by the link in the header I reached the one-step-checkout and there it didn't work. I am not a programmer to be able to solve that problem, so I really have to wait for some genius to offer a "bugfix" until I can re-install this basically nice contribution.
  4. VWAntigo

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    I really wanted to use this contribution but its not working for me. Somehow the shipping-costs disapear when I reach checkout-confirmation. It says a valor of 0 and only the first letter of my shipping method is displayed. What could that be?