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  1. iansears

    Question for a special Shipping Module

    No. And Yes. No. osCommerce cannot. However, I do know that it is possible to reprogram osCommerce to make this possible. I do not have code or resources to offer you, sorry. But this is what you need to do. 1) You need to re-write osCommerce to have an extra MySQL Table in the database so that when a customer creates a new account, YOU can go into Admin and set their account shipping method behind the scenes. 2) Then, when they log in and purchase products, your custom shipping method applies to that customer only. Your Contribution request is worded as "Custom Shipping Method per Customer Account" or something like this. Try going into the Forum called "Feature Requests" and make a Forum entry there. It's possible you are not the only Store Owner that will need this functionality. I know it is "possible" because some contributions are written to give each Customer Account "other" unique abilities. Yours is the Shipping Method. Sorry I can't be more helpful than this! Ian Sears
  2. iansears

    Question for a special Shipping Module

    Alexander, I can't tell if this will be helpful or not... If you have them select "Pay by Check" they receive an e-mail that tells them "Your order has been received. We will not ship goods until payment has been received." In this case, you "could" just ship them the product and wait for their check. You would not have to change any code. Just ship them the product. I do hope this is helpful! Ian Sears
  3. papasan, Have you considered a way to restrict Admin accounts to a reduced set of Admin Menu options, while still giving them authority to create "subadmin" accounts to help them manage the store? Ex. Top Level Admin sees whole store. Creates a group called Admins and restricts their permissions to ONLY entering in Product. Creates an Admin001 to run this area. Admin001 logs into osC Admin. Admin cannot create SubAdmins without being given access to the osC Admin "Administrators menu. But this allows him to edit and increase his own Permissions! Not good. Help? Ian
  4. Isaac, It really depends on what you need your sore to do. If you need the most stable code, then only install the 2.2MS2. Don't install the daily snapshot, which is a daily improvement, but not yet stable, rewrite of 2.2MS2. And do not install any Contributions or added features. Now, if you want to customize your store, you have to balance that Stable comfort zone with the riskiness of installing a Contribution. For the most part a Contribution is ok to install as long as you are backing up and follow the author's instructions accurately. Hope this helps, Ian Sears
  5. Paul, Each contribution affects the files in a different way. You are misunderstaning that there is a "contribution system" that is edited when adding a contribution. There is not. Understand that osCommerce is being developed daily. The core files are being edited and improved on a daily basis by many programmers through a well organized system of collaboration. A contribution, as we call them, is kind of like "jumping the gun" and re-writing the code now, rather than when osCommerce is finished. Now that's ok! It's like testing an idea and communicating the results of your test back to the osCommerce community. If the Contribution is such a huge improvement over the core development code base, it might be considered for inclusion in the core code. So, for now, make a complete backup of your site, download each contribution and study their reame.txt or install files. Understand that when you install your second and third contributions you might be forced to make a choice where some "same bit of code" gets modified in two very different ways, ok? Perhaps someday we will all arrive at a way to make the core code unchanged, and allow any Contribution to be installed and uninstalled, turned on and turned off perhaps within Admin. But to do so now would force everything already developed to be re-written. Hope this helps, Ian Sears ian@iansears.com
  6. Matti, Thanks. It seems like you've done some great work here. I look forward to the zip. So noone else has this problem huh? Meaning the posted zip is ok? I can open other zip contributions... Blueline, thank you so much for your work on this. To all, I've read three full threads on the "Family vs. X-Sell". I am still trying to understand what the difference (pro/con) is between X-Sell and Family Products. Am I really out there? or am I not alone in not recognizing the differences? Ian
  7. Matti, For some reason, I am able to unzip all other contributions but yours. My expander claims your .zip files (all three) use an "unknown compression algorithm". I tested a number of other Contributions to see if it was me... they all work fine tho. Possible you might have an alternative location to attempt a download fro? For MS2 that is... Feel free to e-mail me or PM me if you have an alternate location. Ian Sears ian@iansears.com
  8. Equilla, In this Contribution, you do not edit the permissions of a user, you edit the permissions of a Group. You add one or more users to a Group. You seem to have already solved creating new users. Once you solve how to create a new Group, you will find there the button called Permissions. Clicking Permissions will allow you to set the permissions of that Group. Then, go back to the Users/Accounts of Administrator and Edit one. You set that Account to be a member of a Group. Voila, that User has only the permissions of the Group you set them to. Ian Sears ian@iansears.com
  9. I am the To Level Admin. I create an Account called ProductEntry001. I create a Group called ProductEntry. I give the group ProductEntry admin access to only the menu items "Category." I add ProductEntry001 to the group called ProductEntry and call him up on the telephone to tell him he can get into the store now. I tell him to set up accounts for all the employees in his department and allow the to get to work creating products and categories. But I NEVER want him to see the other parts of the store [in the osCommerce admin that is], I only want him to see stuff INSIDE of the Categories section. Same applies to all the employees in his department. Currently, to do this, I either have to create these other accounts FOR him [because I'm the Top Level Admin] OR I have to give ProductEntry001 access to the Administrators module, whereupon against my wishes, he's be able to give himself more privileges and see stuff I don't want him seeing. How do I allow an Admin to create SubAdmins (and assign them permissions) within his/her group without giving him/her permission to edit group permissions "outside of" the group that Admin belongs to? I do not want to be the only one who can assign new admins with permissions [me, the Top Level Admin, that is...]. But I don't want my subordinates looking around in the other parts of oscommerce admin either... Help?
  10. I hope I ask this correctly... The Top Level Admin can of course create Administrators and assign them "tasks" or "areas that they can see". Put another way, we already know that creating an Administrator that has some boxes NOT checked prevents them from seeing those sections/admin pages. Is it possible to create an Admin, that can create "SubAdmins", but [and here's my question!] that the "Admin" cannot see ALL the sections of "oscommerce admin"? Rats, I read that and I know it sounds confusing... Say I want to create an Admin that is in charge of entering ALL the Product Data. I don't want them to mess around with all my Zones, and Store Configuration, etc, so of course I don't check Configuration boxes, or Modules boxes and so on. I create an Admin account called "ProductEntry". Now, I want that Admin to be able to create Admins (to be able to see the oscommerce admin Administrators mod, but I do NOT want that Admin to see all the OTHER oscommerce admin Menu Items such as Configuration, Modules, Reports and so on, remember? Trouble is, if I give the Admin access to "Administrators" Menu item, couldn't they then see all the other sections of the oscommerce admin area?? I don't want to be the only one who can create Admins here... [me, the TopLevelAdmin, that is...]. Ian
  11. Lee, Thanks for the quick reply. I am relieved it is not a Windows-only effort. Ian
  12. This Contribution _requires_ Windows version of IE 5.5? So Macintosh users cannot use this contribution? I thought osCommerce was web-based (platform independent). Any idea if there is a viable platform independent HTML WYSIWYG approach? Ian Sears ian@iansears.com
  13. iansears

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Jan, Thanks for that last post. Sigh. Good catch. (Damn, it's hard to wink in this stupid helmet...) |8#@ hehehe