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  1. k_coreonegig

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    Actually it appears I was wrong because I am getting errors. Instructions can be found here by Spooks: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/303380-contribution-auto-backup-database/page__st__100 I tried it, I am not getting errors now.
  2. k_coreonegig

    Contribution: Auto Backup Database

    I usually copy original code and then copy it out. That is the code you see below. Try the following (should work, but I didn't test): //$at_entry = eregi_replace(DB_DATABASE . '[_-]', '', $at_entry); //$at_entry = eregi_replace('[.a-z]', '', $at_entry); $at_entry = preg_replace(DB_DATABASE . '/[_-]/', '', $at_entry); $at_entry = preg_replace('/[.a-z]/', '', $at_entry); $at_last = strstr($at_last, DB_DATABASE); //$at_last = eregi_replace(DB_DATABASE . '[_-]', '', $at_last); //$at_last = eregi_replace('[.a-z]', '', $at_last); $at_last = preg_replace(DB_DATABASE . '[_-]', '', $at_last); $at_last = preg_replace('/[.a-z]/', '', $at_last);
  3. k_coreonegig

    Thumbnailing Headaches

    Put the size you want only to the Height, not to the Width. For instance, to have a large image show up, instead of a thumbnail find this code in product_info.php (it will be stated two times): SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT Simply change both instances to: SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, /*SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT*/300 (the 300 can be any maximum size that you want the height to be).
  4. k_coreonegig

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    Never mind. I figured out that I put the 'quickbooks' folder in the wrong part of my directory.
  5. k_coreonegig

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    When I try to import my iif file I get the following warning in oscommerce admin panel: Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in ../admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1370 Line 1370 reads: mkdir($folder_name); my full script is: /** * Prepares a folder for upload * @param String folder path and name * @return void */ function prepare_folder_for_upload($folder_name){ //if not exists, create it if (!is_dir($folder_name)) mkdir($folder_name); //if not writable, make it writable if (!is_writable){ chmod($folder_name, '0777'); } } What am I doing wrong. Thanks!