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  1. accesid

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thank you for your response. I'm looking forward to your article manager.
  2. accesid

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thanks for the reply (I understand it... I will try first to install the Header Tag SEO) Can you tell me if I use (https://apps.oscommerce.com/36rDo&ultimate-seo-urls) addon is the new article manager that will be redy soon, what url structure will it appear to me? I'd like to publish articles before your addon will be redy and I'll put them in the article manager later. But now I want to upload manually edited articles in html format but in finaly format (structure) off url.
  3. accesid

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hello everyone I looking for an article manager or blog addon that is compatible with v2.3.4.1 BS4. Should be compatible with this https://apps.oscommerce.com/wXxA8&google-xml-sitemap-seo&v=23 and with this too https://apps.oscommerce.com/36rDo&ultimate-seo-urls (I know this is for 2.2 but I could only integrate this) so i need an article manager to v2.3.4.1 BS4. Thx.