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  1. Hi i have a problem with some links on my site after installing :Ultimate Seo Urls v2.5 FullPackage I have problems with Products Images popup you can look at this product (pop up open with a window of non products category): http://www.librerialuces.cl/r-y-m-investig...es-p-18494.html And i have problems with some products review (404 error): http://www.librerialuces.cl/abrecarta-a-pi...er-p-15625.html Sorry about my spelling but english is not my primary language. Also Great Contribution
  2. :huh: Same problem here do you fix it
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    Featured Products

    Hello, I installed the latest featured products contribution v 1.5.4 In my site i have 3 levels of categories, so i want than featured products been display also in the secon level of categories. The idea is that: in the secon level i want to display the products tha i have mark as featured in the subcategories. Thanks (English is not my primary language so excuse my spelling)