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  1. hmm what do you mean the instrauction of the validation? comment out $this->ValidateName($url ... in catalog/inculde/classes/seo.class.php ??? i fond nothing like $this->ValidateName($url in the file .... yesterday i test 2.1d and fwr 1.0.2 ... i cant say it yet for 100% but it dont work.... then i install the 2.1e and test fwr 1.0.2 but .... the mystical is, on my local machine runs it with ulc 2.1e and fwr 1.0.2
  2. hello i install ULTIMATE SEO URLs 2.1e and everything works fine. and now i want to install the Independent SEO URL Validation make the entries in application_top, general php and upload with the validation_installer.php. i run the installer php and everything looks good. when i turn the FWR on in the admin panel i can't browse to any categorie or product page, still index.php works. i install an backup from my site on an local server (xampp) and ist works with FWR any ideas? thanks
  3. pippol

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    i installed the contributions to my osc on an local win pc with xampp. it looks good know errors or something else but when i click on any product, it direct me back to index page. and how can i change this url whitout index.php?cPath= pls, can someone tell me what i need to change thx pippol