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  1. ^^^ Opps!! My bad.. :x was doing a silly mistake. I had to look for the file in (admin/include) and I was searching in (catalog/include). Sorry for confusion. Will again try to intall this now.
  2. Can we add a quantity box to the Text option? What my site needs is Text input1 x Qty1, Text input2 x Qty2 and so on and when customer hits add to cart then all Qty adds up and is added to the cart. Still I am not able to integrate the Original contrib, I got stuck at step three (3. admin/include/language/english/products_attributes.php) My site doesnt have this file.. :( please can someone help me to do both the things?
  3. I couldnt do the extra QTY box... but I managed to add the extra comment boxes as an optional product attributes: you cansee it at In the product info page youcan see the demo the contribution for it is : option_type_feature_v1.6 HTH
  4. Or is it possible to add a comment box against each item in shopping cart. That will be of a great help.
  5. My site demands that a customer be able to order several different color stones in the same design. For this I need 3 or 4 Qty (quantity) box in each product info page, so that the customer can order different quantities for different stones in the same design. They all should operate by one "add to cart" click. Also that there shall be a drop down list of stone options for each qty box, as there are 14 to 15 stone options for customer to choose from. Can anyone give an idea or show the way?? Yogi I am working on my new OSC Catalogue at
  6. I sorted it out... By mistake i incerted the functions in catalogue/includes... instead of catalogue/admin/includes... Silly mistake.
  7. I have installed Header Tag Controller on a new version, now when I go in admin and open to edit or incert a product, the page only half open and this error come at the begning place where the contribution just starts: The Code near home/shauryai/public_html/wholesalesilver/admin/categories.php on line 560 is : The exact line 560 is: Can any one please suggest what is wrong here and what shall be done to correct it? Regards Yogi
  8. I am now getting the payment but the database is not updating so not being able to know what the customers are ordering???? Please suggest what changes to do. You can see the cavenue.php file at this thread: I have tried my best to solve it but am not being able to reach that leval... Help is appriciated.
  9. Thanks very much Matt, ;) by instinct I copied this from another module and pasted it in right place so it worked fine for me.: This problem have solved, and thanks a lot for taking time out. But now I am getting one more problem, that when someone confirms the order and pays then I am not getting the order mail which was generated autometically. what to do??
  10. I am using this contribution for intigrating Credit card payment from,838/page,2 All is fine other than that now the amount has to be entered in INDIAN RUPEES to the secure server. But problem is like if someone shops for US$ 300 or EURO 300 then it only send 300 to server and its read as Indian Rupees 300. What code shall we add so that at the time when our cart sends information to the server the amount is always calculated and sent in Indian rupees, may the buyer shop in any other currency??? I have indian currency installed in currency options in my osc cart at: Also, what code shall I use and where so that the system adds 8% to the total amount if a buyer selects to pay by Credit card.
  11. Thanks everyone for this very usefull contribution. I have isntalled and its running fine on my site, only problem I face is that after adding products to the cart, it comes back to the same product listing page. It dosn't go to the cart page. This is set to true too...................... admin > Configuration > My Store > Display Cart After Adding Product, set to true. Please dose anyone know how to display the my cart page insted of same product listing page?
  12. Hello Elari, Thanks for such a lovely contribution. I am having a problem though, I have properly installed the western union payment module , but when I go to the admin to edit the payment details I get this message on top I am not being able to edit the payment information..... :( I am new to OSC and have little very knowledge of PHP. Please tell what I am doing wrong??? Regards Yogesh e-mail-