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  1. witer

    jQuery Banner Rotator

    Hi, This is reqly very nice contribution... My congratulation for idea and thanks for sharing... But I have question. I have 5 baners groups display just below header and I would like to rotate baners independly in every groupe. Is it possible zith this contribution? I saw only in configuration that it can rotate only one groupe. Maybe you know similar contrubution zhich solve my requirements... thanks and regards K.
  2. witer


    Hi, hmm, I think that we need some clarification: the username and password is for: - protection admin folder - access to admin management of store - databese Thanks for clarification... Regards
  3. witer


    Sorry that I am quating one post after another... Ok, I tested like you advised and it works. But when I did Maual checked for hacked files I got that kind of result what mean system...? Thanks and regards K.
  4. witer


    Thanks for your support. But please tell me something.. If I exclude folder 'admin' it means that all subfolders are also excluded... Maybe here is my problem... For the info Inoticed that configuration is not keeping my setup... Thanks and regards K.
  5. witer


    Hi, Well, I have updated SM to 2.7. Ans still the same issue - Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/xxx/domains/xxxx/public_html/admin/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 355 I checked start dictione with configure file and everything is ok. You adviced to make some test but could you be so kind and write in strait way what I have to do, which script file should I put into test folder...? Thanks for your support... By the way, the reference file is ok, everything is working fine... And one think, When I enter to SiteMonitor I always see the message: WARNING: Your admin name is admin. That should be changed. - what is it mean...? And user name and password is for folder protection or username and password to access admin panel???
  6. witer


    Hi, Thanks for your answer... Well, I set the parameter $excludeList = array('admin/quarantine', 'cgi-bin','admin', 'blog','allegro','cache','ext','googlesitemaps','help','images','includes','rotator','sizefolder','tmp'); so here are the all folders list... This parameter shows directories list which will not be checked. Correct...? so only files left in the root and I have still the same issue... Any idea?
  7. witer


    Hi All, Could you help me zith something... I instaled the newest version of this nice contribution and when I trying to enter to config via admin than I got this massage Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/xxxxx/domains/xxxxx/public_html/admin/includes/functions/sitemonitor_functions.php on line 382 eny idea what is wrong... Thanks for your support
  8. did you add sql code to the database?
  9. witer

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Hi, this is nice contr... But i consider possibility to show a few numbers of new product like below product 1 product 2 product 3 and then slide them to the left site. It is possible? Thanks
  10. I have just installed freeamount and ship2pay and I had a lot of problems the same as you mentioned.but now this two modules are working very nice in my shop. One think I have done. I set shipping zone for all kinds of shipments and than ship2pay started working. Maybe this info will be usful for you who would like to use these contributions. regards K.
  11. Hi Everyones, First I want to say that this contribution is great. But this cache is not the best solution if you have change of the prices. Next my question is thqt is it possible to random products from added as cross? Let say that I have added 10 products but I adjusted max display 6 of them so the first six zill be displayed regarding the priority. But the better solution can be choose between randomisation or standard version... Thanks for answer and sorry for my English
  12. witer

    [CONTRIBUTION] New products Glide

    Hi, this contribution is great. But I have question. Is it possible to addopt this contribution to a box which will show new products but two product in the same time (one below second) and glige for next two? Thanks for help... Kris
  13. witer

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I sell clothes with diffenet sizes. So I need to track each size as you. I installed this contribution Quantity for Product Attributes. Than Ajax atrributes manager contrib. It the end I added extra field to ajax contr as option_quantity from Quantity for Product Attributes. Everything is working ok but... I hate this, always is but, I can not code stock quantity which include sum all sizes quantity for that product. And I installed Ajax manager ver 2.2
  14. witer

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I have code this two contribututions and it is partly work... I have small issue with quqntity in stock. Maybe somebody know how to solve this issue with stock quantity. PS. I combinate Ajax man. 2.2 and modification of Quantity for Product Attributes. For me it zas to difficult to use the newest contribution of ajax man.
  15. witer

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hmm, I only need extra filed which can read, display and record to the product_attributes table parameter called options_quantity. Can you help me...? thanks in advance