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  1. sparky76

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I am using this great contribution, but I also use the nopic-AddOn. The result is that my tables are destroyed because everytime the system checks for the nopic.jpg, the thumbnailer creates a 500+px empty picture. Has anyone a hint for me?
  2. sparky76

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Found it. Made a mistake in editing some files... :-"
  3. sparky76

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    I did the installation step by step, but I get a strange error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class language in oscommerce-2.2rc2a/catalog/includes/classes/language.php on line 16 Does anyone have a clue???
  4. sparky76

    RSS News

    Thanks for your kind help. :-) Here is the feed with some umlauts. http://www.wunderlampe.de/rss/3.html
  5. sparky76

    RSS News

    Thanks for your quick answer. Indeed, I'm using STS, so I think I have to deactivate the more news-link. But is there a workaround for my problem with all the special chars in the headline?
  6. sparky76

    RSS News

    Thank you very much for your contrib. It's the best one in my opinion (and I've tried all of them). Though I ran in some trouble. If I am clicking on More Feeds, I get the same strange error as some of the others: "Cannot redeclare startelement() (previously declared in .../rss_reader.php:46) in catalog/includes/modules/rss_reader.php on line 68". I assume that a variable is already defined, but I cannot find out which one. The other thing is German Umlauts. I got some cryptic characters - strangely only in the headers. Can anyone help?