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  1. SaphyraK, yeah, thank your for you tipp. I have already have thought about this quick workarout ...
  2. Steve, thank you for your quick answer. I will need the add-on "oscom-e-u-vat-intracom-number-v5.1" running in the phoenix system (or somethink similar). I have yesterday edited the newest OSC 2.3.4 as proposed (about 20+ files to edit) and realize that it does not work on my PHP 7.2, because of the mentioned obsolete global vars which are used in OSC 2.3.4. Will it possible to integrate my needs to the phoenix system, maybe as a official add-on. So, that I can easliy use it? Of course, I can do this self, but I am not quite firm which the OSC code base. So my question, can you give me a quotation for creating a port of the add-on, so I can think, if it will be a option to get a quick implemention of my needs by paid support. . Every company selling B2B in the european community will need this, so I do not understand, why it is not quite present. Are there so less shops addressing business customers? Axel
  3. Dear All, I have a runnuing OSC for years, with some neccessary add ons. We sell wordwide our electronic products, all was fine for years. Now we have to move to a new server running PHP 7.2.24. As I see, the OSC uses $HTTP_GET_VARS (and other global variables) which are depricated and not longer supprted under PHP 7.x- as i understand. Maybe you have a proposal what is the best to get to a working shop system on my enviroment. The Phoenix community edition seems to be more active, but I can not find ANY documentation. To replace ale gobals by the corresponding new globals like $_GET seems to be a lot of work! A import feature we need is the correct processing of european innercommunity deliveries for business customers (we are located in germany), this works fine with the addon "TVA intracom", which can not easily ported to phoenix, since there is no add-on update for this version. Can sombody give me a hint what may be a good decision. I will be able to port the add-on to phoenix, if there are some others interested in. Im not quite sure, if the phoenix version (i have installed 1.0.5) is stable, since I have found a bug in the admin panel after a installation and some quick testings. Best regards, Axel PS. The error which come up in admin panel is, that i want to edit an existing customer but not the correct customer is displayed for editing after clkikcing on the edit link. The ID of the customer is not parsed by the system, incorrect hrefs are generated like this: (you see the &cIDSis empty). Any ideas for this problem?