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  1. Thanks Luckyno I also tried installing the Tinymce contribution (version 2), this worked fine straight away, the funny thing was that i tried to upgrade to the latest version of Tinymce and this had the same problem with the tables, as you suggest it sounds like a bug with the newsletter.php as opposed to the Tinymce or FCK. Thanks for your help, i really do appreciate it. Regards Steve
  2. This was also incorrectly posted on the general page. Hi Guys This is my first post here and would like to thank everyone for making osCommerce a great tool. I have got my store up and running, i have just installed the contribution All in one FCKeditor, i have got most of this working fine, i have created a newsletter using a table to layout neatly, if i click the preview button on the FCKEditor my newsletter opens in a window correctly formatted. If i select preview from the os newsletter manager or send the newsletter, the table no longer appears at the top but half way down looking like a blank email. I have just tried a table on a product and this works fine. Has anyone got any ideas on what i am doing wrong? Regards Steve