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  1. anuksamun

    The Feedmachine Solution

    how can i make a feed to have this fields and to be in xml? <Products> <Product>bla bla</product> <Manufacturer>xxxx</Manufacturer> <Name>bla bla bla</Name> <Product_Url>http://www.blabla.com</Product_Url> <Image_url>http://www.blabla.com/images/bla.jpg</Image_url> <Price>123</Price> <category>bl;a bla bla</category> <Description>more bla bla about the product</Description> <Product_model>model of product</Product_model> </Product>
  2. anuksamun

    SUPPORT : XML Export contribution

    Same problem here, if i export a category without subcategories everything is ok, bun when i try to export directly a subcategory only...i get that error: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') LIMIT 10000' at line 50 SELECT manuf.manufacturers_Name AS manufacturer, prd.products_id AS id, prd.products_id AS mpc, prd.products_model AS model, prd.products_quantity AS qty, prdsc.products_Name AS name, prdsc.products_description AS description, prd.products_price AS price, prd.products_image AS image, prd.products_weight AS weight, prd.products_status AS status, prd.products_date_available AS date_available, prd.products_last_modified AS last_modified, prd.products_tax_class_id AS tax_id, catdescparent4.categories_Name AS parent4_cat, catdescparent3.categories_Name AS parent3_cat, catdescparent2.categories_Name AS parent2_cat, catdescparent1.categories_Name AS parent1_cat, catdesccurrent.categories_Name AS current_cat, catdescparent4.categories_id AS parent4_id, catdescparent3.categories_id AS parent3_id, catdescparent2.categories_id AS parent2_id, catdescparent1.categories_id AS parent1_id, catdesccurrent.categories_id AS current_id FROM (categories , products prd, products_description AS prdsc, categories_description AS catdesccurrent, products_to_categories AS prdtocat) LEFT JOIN categories_description AS catdescparent1 on ( catdescparent1.categories_id = categories.parent_id AND catdescparent1.language_id = '1' ) LEFT JOIN categories AS cat2 on ( cat2.categories_id = categories.parent_id ) LEFT JOIN categories_description AS catdescparent2 on ( catdescparent2.categories_id = cat2.parent_id AND catdescparent2.language_id = '1' ) LEFT JOIN categories AS cat3 on ( cat3.categories_id = cat2.parent_id ) LEFT JOIN categories_description AS catdescparent3 on ( catdescparent3.categories_id = cat3.parent_id AND catdescparent3.language_id = '1' ) LEFT JOIN categories AS cat4 on ( cat4.categories_id = cat3.parent_id ) LEFT JOIN categories_description AS catdescparent4 on ( catdescparent4.categories_id = cat4.parent_id AND catdescparent4.language_id = '1' ) LEFT JOIN manufacturers AS manuf ON ( manuf.manufacturers_id = prd.manufacturers_id ) WHERE ( prd.products_id = prdsc.products_id AND prdsc.language_id = '1' ) AND prd.products_id = prdtocat.products_id AND prdtocat.categories_id = categories.categories_id AND ( catdesccurrent.categories_id = categories.categories_id AND catdesccurrent.language_id = '1' ) AND prdtocat.categories_id in () LIMIT 10000 [TEP STOP]
  3. anuksamun

    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    i've just installed version 2.2. My problem is that when i open the site in firefox and press the subscribe feed button instead of letting me to subscribe, it appears the download and i download the rss.php on my desktop. If i open it with wordpad the products are there. So what have i done wrong?