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  1. Hello Chris! First of all let me thank you for this marvelous contribution! I'm currently making a website with osCommerce 2.2 RC1 and I'm trying to integrate PDF Invoice Attachment with Ultimate Html Emails v1.2. However, as you already know there is currently a bug which either allows only HTML e-mails to flow or allow the PDF attachment to be sent, but not both. I've already tested all possible outcomes in the file: checkout_process.php and the problem does not rely on the code as it in that file, but simply in the fact that the system cannot handle the HTML code of the e-mail and also process the PDF file to be transcoded and then sent as an attachment, both of them at the same time. Somehow when you send HTML code through the function "tep_mail_string_attachment" in the parameter "$email_order" it all messes up and it just cannot process it which results in 1) Not processing the body of the e-mail and 2) Not processign the PDF attachment. I currently have "send PDFs as attachment" turned off and HTML turned on. And by that way I can send nice pretty e-mails :rolleyes: but when I turn both on it ends up giving me a completely blank e-mail with just a single attachment called "noname" and with no extension on it :blink: Well, hope this helps a little bit in something, might not help a thing but thought it was worst not saying a thing :lol: after all the tests I made Again, thanks for this fantastic contribution! Keep it going! Juan