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  1. chrisneils

    One Page Checkout

    I'm wondering what contribution will allow customers to place an order WITHOUT creating a customer account. I have come across a few but they all have errors. Has anyone had success with any contribution that will do this? Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks.
  2. chrisneils

    Review Approval

    I would like ALL reviews to HAVE to be approved before going live on my site. What's the best contribution for this? I have been having some trouble finding one that works. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. chrisneils

    One Page Checkout Support

    Is this the ONLY one page checkout contribution? I installed it as well and have been having problems getting it working. Anybody know of another contribution that will allow customers to checkout without HAVING to create an account?
  4. chrisneils

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I have had this add-on for a few weeks now and have just started to really look at it and play with it. What I'm trying to do is add unique meta tags and title tags to all of the pages in my website. I'm having a problem when I am editing my products... I see that there is a place to enter descriptions, titles, meta tags, etc... but none of it is working for me. First of all, the product names have disappeared entirely and I don't know how to get those back. I have filled in the meta tag information, descriptions etc.. for a few products just to test it out and none of it is working. I right-click and View Page Source on my product pages and none of the information I've added is showing up. any ideas?