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  1. Hi guys, now i know that this question about the 'Error Payment module configuration error. Please verify the login credentials.' Error has been answered many times before. But most of the time its the simple case of the username or password being wrong. However, i am currently getting this error, but my credentials are correct! Iv logged into paypal using the exact same vendor, user, pass, and partner with success, But i still get the same error in oscommerce... Does Anyone have any idea whats wrong?? Thanks :)
  2. noxas

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    That is happening to me too, it worked fine the first time, but then the next 3 times i tried, it just wouldnt update it.... can anyone help with this?
  3. noxas

    osPlayer v2

    wheres osplayer gone? i cant seem to find it to download....
  4. Hi there, i was just wondering what the best Gift Voucher / Certificate addon was for oscommerce 2.2RC2 working with paypal IPN 2.3 Basically i want the voucher to be purchased like any other item, but when purchased they recieve an email with the gift voucher with the code on to give to anyone they like... then when that person wants to use that code all they have to do is enter the code at checkout to deduct the gift voucher amount from their total. Anyone help with that? Thanks very much :)
  5. noxas

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    ok, so i made the adress confirmed (it was because i had a different name in the account of the shop, thats why it stated it as unconfirmed), but i still keep getting the debug email... Should these be empty: payment_gross= item_number= payment_fee= If not, they do you have any idea why they are? Thanks in advance :blink:
  6. noxas

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Im not sure if that is directed at me, but i will look at it :) thanks.
  7. noxas

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    ALSO.... (sorry tried to edit post, but it wouldnt let me...) I have tested a transaction with the IPN module set on 'live' and i set to buy a cheap (1 pence) test item. Also, in the 'invalid process email' it states that the customers paypal address status is unconfirmed, even though it is'nt. here is the invalid email we got... > $_POST: > > mc_gross=0.01 > address_status=unconfirmed > payer_id=DELETED > tax=0.00 > address_street=57 newmarche drive > askern > payment_date=07:05:56 Aug 19, 2008 PDT > payment_status=Completed > charset=windows-1252 > address_zip=DELETED > first_name=kevin > mc_fee=0.01 > address_country_code=GB > address_name=DELETED > notify_version=2.4 > custom=3 > payer_status=verified > business=DELETED > address_country=United Kingdom > address_city=doncaster > quantity=1 > verify_sign=DELETED > payer_email=DELETED > contact_phone= > txn_id=DELETED > payment_type=instant > last_name=rix > address_state=south yorks > receiver_email=DELETED > payment_fee= > receiver_id=DELETED > txn_type=web_accept > item_name=Northern Design and Print > mc_currency=GBP > item_number= > residence_country=GB > payment_gross= > shipping=0.00 > > $_GET: > > language=english We have also just recieved another one which just said: $_POST: $_GET: Help please :) Thanks :blink: :blush:
  8. noxas

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, i have setup IPN on my site, and i recieve the payments of orders, but i also recieve an email stating 'Paypal IPN invalid Process' along with it... I have IPN enabled on my paypal account, although i have not set an IPN url because i understand that i dont have to?? i have placed the php.ini file in the /ext/ folder too. And i have also set the ipn.php permissions to 644. I am only on a free web host at the minute (000webhost.com), and that does not have SSL enabled. I does have cURL though.. Here are some details: PHP Version 5.2.6 cURL Information: libcurl/7.18.1 zlib/1.2.3 libidn/0.6.5 Oscommerce version 2.2 RC2 PayPal IPN v2.3.3 Does anyone have any information that might help on this please? If you need to see the 'invalid process' email i was sent, or any script of a file, then please ask. Thanks :blink: :blush: