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    How to create payment module

    Hi, forget about it ;) i`ve created that by my self, thanks anyway...
  2. gatis_lee

    How to create payment module

    Hi, can anyone please help. Well I need to crate a payment module something like paypal module when costumer conforms his order he is redirected to other page (paypay page). What I need is to create a payment module that will transfer my costumers after order confirmation to my page not to paypal or other. Example: (as I am costumer) I’m finding product that I like, put it in shopping cart and starting check out process, choosing preferred shipping method after what I’m redirected to payment information page where I choose for example ‘leasing’ (not paypal or others) after what I’m redirected to order confirmation page and when I press a ‘confirm order’ button opens a window from leasing company (shops partners page) where I must have fill out another form needed for ‘leasing’. So there would be 2 forms to fill out 1) shops form to create and store order information, as it is in os-commerce, and 2) leasing company form. Really hope that someone understands what I’m asking and know hot to do that. I’ve tried to modify existing payment modules but haven’t no results.