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  1. Hi! Jack thank you so much for this contribution and your ongoing support of it! I have read this whole forum and all the install.txt files along with the txt files in the doc folder. I am familar with PHP code but not very familar with SEO things. I have followed your instructions and I think I have successfully installed everything - the database updates, the catalog updates and the admin updates. I can change the page control and clear and fill tags. When I look at one of my store's products the title bar is like I want it with my store name and the product name displayed along with when I view the source code for the web page I can see the meta tags that are generated the way I want them. The only stumbling block I have been running into is that when I use yahoo or google to search on one of my products my store is not returned in the results. I have tried for a couple of weeks changing what I include in the product keywords and the description. I go through pages and pages of search results to see if it listed and I do not see it. Am I missing something obvious or do I need to install another contribution. Thank you for any direction that you can point me in. Regards, Dede