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  1. Hey, nevermind, I realized that i had to go into admin > modules > shipping and edit out the demo CPC that was in there and put in the Customer ID, LOGIN AND PASS that they assigned me when i emailed them.
  2. Hey Insaini, I got all registered with SellOnline and then had to request that they add the "Add/Modify/Delete Empty Space Items" module to my account so that it will calculate that multiple items can fit in one box. My sellonline info is all filled out and it's still not wanting to ship things in one box. I have the weight and dimensions of my products entered in the OsCommerce admin as well. Is that wrong, should that be deleted so it's not repeated in SellOnline? Thanks!
  3. By sellOnline account do you mean the admin panel? I put in the weight and measurements of two of my items in my admin (Categories/Products) and the individual shipping for each is around $6.20 which is normal, but when I put both items in my shopping cart and go to checkout, the shipping is $12.40 so it's just adding both separate amounts together. That's what I was concerned about b/c if i get an order for a shirt and one of my other items, I'm going to ship them together and it's not going to cost $12.40 to ship, it may even still fall under the $6.20. Make sense? I thought maybe I was supposed to go do something at my canadapost.ca/obc account but that seems separate--just for printing out a label on a some random package not associated with my store. Thanks, KKT
  4. What about in the case of multiple purchases? 2 things I'm selling is Tshirts and Buttons. I put into the admin the weight and measurements for a single tshirt and I do the same for the buttons--in the case that they are ordered individually. But, say someone orders 2 Tshirts and 3 packs of buttons (all at once). At that point, i would package them all together and how is the software going to prepare that price? I can't seriously put in weight and measurements for every possible combination of what an order could be. Thanks for your great support. -KKT
  5. Excellent--thanks so much for a fast and thorough reply. -KKT
  6. And, am I required to buy certain labels from the post office to use the Automated Label aspect, or can I just buy blank labels and this contribution is going to print out the bar code and all other necessary info on those blank labels? Thanks, KKT
  7. Okay, that makes sense--thank you. One other question: Once I enter in the weight of my items (including packaging I assume?) and my postal code, then is this module going to automatically determine accurate shipping rates for anywhere in the world? Or, do I have to do anything extra in my admin panels to make sure that can happen? Thanks again.
  8. Hey, I just had my programmer install this module for me. He finished and said there's a few details I had to fill in myself, mainly this section ( Configure Canada Post Shipping Module 4.1) in the install.htm directions: 4. Go to your Canada Post module (admin package -> Modules -> Shipping -> Canada Post) and set your Venture One Login, Pass, Credit Card Alias for Label creation payments, and your Credit Card CVV (DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON YOUR WEBSITE, LET CANADAPOST MAINTAIN IT FOR YOU!) I'm familiar with the VentureOne program b/c I have a card for another small business I operate. However, I don't understand what this credit card information is referring to. I have to have credit card info stored somewhere? I don't recall needing a credit card to set up my VentureOne account. Can someone please explain? Thanks.
  9. Hey, I'm trying to determine whether this is the right Contribution for me. I'm in Canada, i have a very small store that just sells some one-off items, some tshirts and buttons, I'm not charging tax and I'm thinking that the easiest thing to do would be to assign different countries or regions a flat shipping rate per item. I do want to offer full international shipping though. Is this something that can be done with this contribution? thanks, KKT