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  1. uneeeq

    Quantity Price Breaks

    In process of testing this contribution I found if you have Option Type Features or any product attributes that have comma (for example customer who enters imprint text such as wedding date : August 23, 2010) the add to cart breaks and customer cannot see anything on the site but SQL error till they purge their cookies. Here is a fix for that: in catalog/includes/classes/PriceFormatterStore.php change this line $product_id_list_temp_array = explode(",", $product_id_list); to this $product_id_list_temp_array = explode(">", $product_id_list); That changed the separator from comma to a character that is not used in your option/attributes and that seemed to have fixed the issue. Looks like you can use any character or symbol that is not used in the attributes of your products. So you can make it look like $product_id_list_temp_array = explode("*", $product_id_list); or $product_id_list_temp_array = explode("|", $product_id_list);
  2. uneeeq

    Header Tags SEO

    Great Contribution! I just wrote a tiny code to deal with canonical link tags. In this code the logic - reads the URL - knows the canonical link - if URL = the canonical link, the code does nothing - if the URL different than canonical link, the code ads the canonical link meta tag to the source I think that should be the way Google intended this to work. I was concerned as to having canonical link on the items that have URL that is equal to canonical link, making sure Google does not get confused. I am not a coder so this code was written only for product_info.php without other SEO modifications such as URL rewrites. <?php /*** Begin Canonical TAG Mod***/ ?> <?php // first get products id from URL $seeID = $_GET['products_id']; // next get URL from URL $url = "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; // build canonical link you can modify, improve to suit your needs and mods $canon = tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $seeID, 'NONSSL'); // compare actual URL to canonical link and if they differ if ( $url !== $canon ) { // insert the canonical link tag into header tags echo '<link rel="canonical" href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $seeID, 'NONSSL') . '" />'; // if they do NOT differ, that means Google is on the canonical link version of the page, no canonical link tag is inserted } ?> <?php /*** End Canonical TAG Mod Mod***/ ?> I figured I will contribute the code here just in case you wanted incorporate it into your code. Cheers!
  3. check this: in your catalog you should have images/uploads directory make sure that directory called uploads is CHMOD 777 inside it you should have that .htaccess file that came with the distribution I am in process of installing this mod on a clean 2.2Rc2a and so far I was able to get it working but have not done testing yet.