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  1. I just sold a gift voucher. Can someone please confirm the steps involved? My understanding is: 1. Voucher is sold through shopping cart 2. Store admin releases the voucher purchased 3. Customer received an e-mail indicating coupon code 4. Customer can then log-on to their account and send the voucher code (and whatever amount they wish to send) to the recipient of the gift voucher. 5. Recipient shops on the website and enters redemption code at checkout. Corresponding amount is deducted from original purchaser's GV account. Is this right?
  2. I'm about to use EP for the first time and have simple question. I know that EP can have problems when many product attributes are being used, especially when trying to create new attributes in the EP file. My question is, when downloading an EP file, will EP capture all attribute settings that had previously been inputted via the OSC control panel (i.e. for products added manually)? Or does it have trouble with these as well? I'd like to avoid problems. Also, is it possible to just add new products via EP and not have to download the entire product listing and having it completely overwritten? One more question - is there a way to easily identify and delete outdated product photos from the server that are no longer being used in the catalog? Thanks.
  3. mark754

    How to setup 2CO recurring billing?

    I'd like to add a recurring billing option to our site that uses 2CO and could not find a contribution for this. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  4. mark754

    Virtual Mall 1.2 Support Thread

    For some reason, the upper selection box was empty and I could not select anything. The stores were listed, however, so that's all I could select.
  5. mark754

    Virtual Mall 1.2 Support Thread

    Hi, I just tried installing VM 1.2 on a loaded store and can setup stores without any problem, but there seems to be a conflict in the login routine somewhere. I get these errors when trying to add an administrator in the store admin panel: Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /home/mysite/www/www/admin/administrators.php on line 44 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mysite/www/www/admin/administrators.php on line 354 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/www/www/admin/administrators.php:44) in /home/mysite/www/www/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 128 If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Does anyone know for certain whether VM 1.2 will work with a loaded version of OSC (based on Loaded 6)? Thanks!
  6. Nevermind, I got the problem solved. The mainpage_tpl.php file needed some extra code from the HTC updates. If anyone else has this problem, PM me and I'll give it to you. Thanks.
  7. "What kind of changes are you making that are not showing up? " Jack, when I insert my title, desc and keyword text in the header_php files, they don't appear in a browser (using view source). I have HTC v 2.0 and checked that it, and that the updates, appear to have been installed correctly. The database tables are correct. I got this loaded version of OSC from someone else, with HTC preinstalled. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have HTC v2 installed okay - the tag settings on the product pages work - but any changes I make to the two header_tags files do not show up. Can anyone help? Is this just a configuration issue? If I'm using HTC, should I leave the includes/meta_tags file empty?
  9. I have OSC Affiliate installed and have a number of affiliates who have been racking up sales. I'm now ready to pay my affiliates for the first time. Can someone tell me how to do so? I can't find a user guide for this contribution...does anyone know if one exists? The only feature on the Payments screen is the "start billing" function, which I clicked and then it returned the message "affiliates have been billed". How can I see what they were sent as a result of this? I have it configured to pay affiliates via check or Paypal. Is there a tracking feature which calculates payments due according to the config settings (holding period, etc.)? Thanks.
  10. mark754


    Can someone tell me how affiliates can obtain the product number for an item they wish to link to with the Build a Link feature? I read about a product number pop-up mod on about page 63 of this thread, but that was written for a previous version of osc affiliate. Is there another solution? Also, is there any way to have sales that have been made, but have not yet passed the "billing time" period reflected on the affiliates' summary pages? For example, a "pending sales" figure? Or must they wait until the billing time (e.g. 30 days) has passed before seeing any activity? Also, It would be great if someone can comment on my last post above :) Thanks.
  11. mark754

    OSC Affiliate Multi-Tier Feature

    No one seems to know about this. I searched and found other threads asking about this feature and they didn't get any replies either. Perhaps the tier feature isn't usable as is.
  12. mark754


    Can non-expiring cookies be set in osc affiliate? If so, do I just put "0" as the cookie lifetime? To have a 45-day cookie lifetime, I assume I enter 3,888,000, since it's in seconds. Can the setting be changed to "days" instead of seconds?
  13. mark754

    OSC Affiliate Multi-Tier Feature

    Yes, but how does the downline affiliate activity get captured in our database? I would think that different html code for the banners would have to be generated and that the banners would have to be accessible from the "referring" affiliates' websites.
  14. Hi, can someone tell me how the multi-tier feature in osc affiliate works? I assume it allows affiliates to recruit other affiliates under them and so on, in order to build downlines. So how do the downline affiliates get reflected in osc as being "under" the top level affiliate that signed them up? If a "top-level" affiliate recruits a new affiliate under him/her, doesn't the new affiliate just go to our site and use the same banners? What am I missing? Also, when an affiliate sale is made, it is reflected as "pending" in their account. Where do I change the status to "completed"? Or is this just a function of the "billing time" setting (e.g. 30 days)? Thanks.
  15. Does anyone have suggestions on how to increase the accountability of an in-house osc affiliate program so that potential affiliates would have more confidence that they won't get cheated? Perhaps a third party auditor that could periodically verify activity and issue a report, or a contribution which allows affiliates to check referred traffic in more detail? We don't have the budget to sign-up as a merchant with one of the big 3rd party programs, and like the ability run our own program, but the credibility issue can limit its appeal to affiliates.