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  1. Its a start . Right now I can start with something as simple as a theme switcher, and improvise from there. Theme Switcher is great for that. There are some themes/color schemes which are useless for book sellers, which can perhaps be replaced with modified forms made by tweaking the css, making the footer useful, and a few other additions/changes. If this is what WordPress can do with ecommerce: Then perhaps OSC, which is designed for ecommerce, can give it a run for its money. I do see however, that there is virtually nothing about WP to OSC conversion, which makes anything related to it a daunting task. A brief look at catalog.php of both sites is a bit unnerving. Drupal would even be better than WP, but a quick look at my decently modified version using modules including their ecommerce modules, shows a hefty 50+ MB database size (without inventory) that would get sites shut down on many hosts. I will post a link to the source code to my colleagues, 2 of whom are Java programmers. Perhaps one can unravel it, especially as one seems good with mobile devices, where JQuery is probably abundant. I just needed a place to start! Many thanks :)
  2. Is this of any possible help: this is supposedly themeRoller Source, just 2 days old, and using 1.10.1 version: I haven't the foggiest idea of what npm or grunt is or how to use it! Oh, and found this: (Though it hasnt been updated in 4 months.....)
  3. This changes icons to greyscale, but with a bit of imagination other colors should be possible. (i can deal with Perl, not Java! ) I have been absolutely amazed to see that nearly all theme and icon related stuff is the online garbage. Here today, gone tomorrow. Irfanview has a neat batch mode (use advanced) that can be used for changing color schemes. I can use Linux and gimp easily enough, but i am trying to pull something together to permit Windows users to more flexibly manipulate OSC. One of my colleagues successfully managed to use Wordpress for a database driven ecommerce site, but claimed that the experience was such a nightmare that he could not begin to replicate it as a template.
  4. In /public_html/osc/catalog/ext/jquery jquery-1.8.0.min.js jquery-1.9.1.min.js Dont delete the old versions In /home/klachman/public_html/bosc/catalog/ext/jquery/ui jquery-ui-1.10.1.min.js jquery-ui-1.8.22.min.js Assuming you are using the latest versions. Rename the files to the version numbers, and use the above format. And in the redmond directory below it the jquery-ui.css -> jquery-ui-1.10.1.css notice that is NOT jquery-ui.1.10.1.css in these examples the versions will change with time I had a devil of a time with the redmond theme file, that was fixed, by simply using another download of it. Themeroller may have a problematic server.
  5. I am also looking for a template system, and believe the best to be Kymation's THEME SWITCHER. See the other thread here on that. There may be some problems with the newest JQuery and OSC, but the author has a link in the support threat to a complete set of themes for version 1.8.3 which should be presumably stable, and apparently highy functional with JQuery. Other than the special effects, the basic layout changes should be doable in CSS presumably, with an editor like these:
  6. I stand corrected about jquery-ui.css . I see that when checking again, but from a second copy of Redmond, that this file loaded fine in OSC. That file worked fine when renamed in all the other themes which I also installed. Perhaps a corrupted file in the first Redmond, as there was a definite file size difference in the zip file ! Lost about 5 hours on that one. I am not a programmer, so please forgive if this is a dumb question: Is there a way to modify these themes without that Theme Roller site? Perhaps a local (not server) based app that handles jquery? There are a couple of Rails JQury UIs on Github, and on Sourceforge: Would any of these be helpful to create a new version of your developer tool, which was apparently sabotaged when the link was removed? Let me explain where I am coming from. I am a bookseller, and am trying to assist a colleague in developing an open source java cloud database that directly feeds an OSCommerce 2.3 site modified for booksellers (and likely any database driven collectible site) MUCH more elegant than EZpopulate or its recent fork. I am trying to create a revised template which would include all the basic options to turn an OSCommerce site into a modern looking website, as the default setup is a bit antiquated for many users. (I myself am happy with it for my own OSC 2.2rc2a site). But we are talking 2.3 here.... Your Theme Switcher is apparently the only addon I have been able to find that would give the site some flexibility at the admin panel. But I need something stable, and working. In fact as of now, other than a crushed Navbar, I have no clue as to what is not working in the new JQuery. Can the 1.8.3 file be modified to act as a complete addon? And if so, would you mind if I added it to the Sourceforge Project? As far as modifications, wouldnt most be doable right from CSS? Like changing the Top, Bottom, Left, Right format to something more like the CMS site structure using the 960 grid. I have some colleagues who are Java programmers, but are not really familiar with OSC, so I guess the main question is CAN IT BE DONE, especially by just changing the CSS on the scripts. Whatever works with JQuery would simply be a bonus. I just need to know that this awesome contribution and all the time invested in it, is not a dead end, and hopefully be a channel in gaining further assistance on the project.
  7. Not letting me edit... The manual is simply wrong for newer versions such as 1.10.1 First its clear as mud about the .js files in the /js dir. There are *two* jquery-ui files. jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.js jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.min.js its jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.min.js that must be renamed to jquery-ui-1.10.1.min.js And then... In /development\bundle\themes\redmond it is jquery.ui.theme that must be renamed to jquery-ui-1.10.1.css However, the Catalogs pane has butted up against the graphic and wiped out the breadcrumb and its functionality in Redmond.Havent installed others yet. Might have to go to the 1.8.23 themes from the link in an earlier post. Using OSC 2.3.3
  8. The manual is simply wrong for newer versions such as 1.10.1 First its clear as mud about the .js files in the /js dir. There are *two* jquery-ui files
  9. I am considering installing Featured Products in my 2.2.rca dut the docs said someting about it *replacing* the New Items Listings. I want to have both. Is this possible????
  10. Oops. I see the cut and pasted tables did not show up in the final reply
  11. I sell books. Somehow I got the Advanced Search results to display the below fields. However - Publisher (Manufacturer) is missing. And everything at binding and below is missing data or it is inaccurate. I know i probably need to connect those fields to the database. I just need some basic leads as to where those boxes are coming from and and where to connect the data. For example, Binding has been added to the database. Directly, and not through the admin panel. Say as Pruduct_Binding. It is not a normal OSC 'attribute'. How would I get the code to interact and search Product_Binding. Or any other database field, for that matter. I'm not a programmer, though have done extensive mods to my 2.2rca site. For a clue as to what i mean, you can do a search at Categories: Include Subcategories Authors: Price From: Price To: Date From: Date To: Binding Size Edition Year Location Weight Illustrator Jacket Condition Condition Keywords Catalogs