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  1. Did you uncomment them in the filelayout section of the code?
  2. Remove the leading concatenation operator as well. The fact that it moved the error means it did something. so instead of $query .= . v_blahblah............... it looks like $query .= v_blahblah............... Tim
  3. Add a semicolon at the end of the statement that you are uncommenting. It should look something like this: $query .= . 'blah blah' . . ' blah blah ' . . 'blahblah'; Sorry for the problem.... Tim
  4. wasson65

    upload slowdown

    Well, to start with mysql doesn't "read the file". EP takes each row in the file, reads it, breaks it into the various fields, runs a query to get all the exsting data for that product, then updates the product with the merged existing data and what you uploaded. Each product requires about 3-6 queries, which does put some load on mysql. You need to let us know just how many products are in a sheer. Also, some cheap hosters grossly overload their machines. Tim
  5. wasson65

    Product don't show up

    EP will print a line for each item it finds and imports. Please give examples of the EP output and we can help more. Tim
  6. wasson65

    Easy Populate isn;t easy

    Hi, Tim the Not-So-EasyPopulate author here. I sympathize with your problems, but you really do need to read the docs. I wrote them and spent a bunch of time on them trying to cover how to get started with EP. It covers things like the products_model issue. It also suggest some troubleshooting ideas. Please read the docs front to back at least twice, and then come and search for your problems. Then when all that has been exhaused, please post your question. And it needs to be much more than "it doesn't work". You need to describe the steps you've gone through, contribs you've added, etc. I'm more than happy to help, but this level of hand-holding is way above and beyond the call of duty. Please respect the time that everyone here puts into the contribs and the forums by educating yourself and taking full advantage of the tools that are provided. Tim
  7. wasson65

    Easypopulate and prefix?

    You'll need to tweak the queries in EP - the table names are hardcoded. If you'd like to fix that and send me a patch, I'd be happy to include it! Tim
  8. Check out some of the other download types that EP has: There's one that's just the products_model, quantity, and price. If you can put your supplier info in this format, then upload, it will update all the prices. As far as knowing which are not used anymore, that's a tougher nut to crack... Tim
  9. Remove everything you are showing in the code above (the entire function). It's not needed, since your snapshot has it defined already. Tim
  10. Okay, a newbie question...how do I add a column (is "insert" what I should do?) and how do I find out to which table I should add this column? Can you suggest a table from the error message? Every time I have an error, I'm trying to learn more and hope to contribute an answer or two one of these days. The first thing I did wrongly was to add too many contributions without testing each before installing the next one. The second thing I did wrongly was not to heed the "Back up" warnings. Thanks in advance. There was a bug in EP that causes this error. Get the latest version, and it should work fine. There were some lines that only apply if someone has the multi-images contrib, which you don't, and those lines were supposed to be commented out in EP, but I made a mistake and released with the lines active. Tim
  11. I've successfully used this contrib on www.lifesafety.com In the info box on the left look for the Downloadable Catalog link. It seems to have some difficulty with HTML tables in the descriptions - what can I say, my client likes to use frontpage to mangle, I mean, compose the descriptions. A few notes: The server I'm on is lightly loaded, and a Ghz+ machine, so making the 1.1 meg PDF took about 10-15 seconds. I'm not performing any image resizing. If you are on a shared server, and they have used your domain name like "lifesafety.com" as part of the path to your filesystem, then the program is going to be very confused if you have products without any pictures. It's the period that creates the problems. My client had many, many gifs. So I FTP all the gifs to my linux box, and run gif2png on the entire directory at once. Uploaded all the .png files. Then I added a line inside the function ShowImage (at line 145) $path = str_replace('.gif','.png',$path); and add the line like this: function ShowImage(&$width,&$height,$link,$path) { $path = str_replace('.gif','.png',$path); $width=min($width,MAX_IMAGE_WIDTH); $height=min($height,MAX_IMAGE_HEIGHT); The effect is to simply make any filenames with .gif at the end read .png instead. Then the code picks up your png file, and then it's happy. Need to make sure permissions are set to 777 on the catalogues directory, or it can't write the file. The output is rather nice, but like I said, the HTML tables in the descriptions cause it lots of headaches. Tim
  12. wasson65

    Easy Populate Contrib mod

    Well, if you meant to ask me, I've just been busy as heck. I'm getting a consulting business off the ground, and the scope will include OSC but not in a central sense. So I've just been focused on building and launching everything else I need.
  13. wasson65

    Easy Populate Contrib mod

    Yes, I'm back. Can you send me what you've done? I'd like to take a look at it. Also, if you can send me more detail about what you're trying to accomplish, that would help too. My new email is tim@twassonconsulting.com Tim
  14. Well, don't saint me yet... If the problem was uploading the file and your browser connection timing out, then this might help. If the problem was that the file is so huge that the php script hits the timeout set in php.ini, then it's not so much of a help. Thanks for taking care of people while I've been away. I'll send an email right now... Tim
  15. wasson65

    Easypopulate Update Channel

    Hi All, EasyPopulate 2.60 has been released. Improvements are: 1. You can FTP a big file to your server, put it in the temp directory, and tell EP to get it from there instead of uploading via a browser. 2. Special prices are now reflected in the froogle download. 3. User-definable field separators are now available, if you don't like the tabs 4. EP now supports unlimited numbers of category levels Plus a couple bug fixes: Commented out some code that only applies to stores with muliti-image mods. Froogle download now has categories in the correct order. Froogle downloads now have a name starting with "froogle" Enjoy! Tim