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  1. owenma435

    Easy Meta tags

    The spanish language in my site doesnt have this problem. It´s only the english, but what am I suppose to edit in the file you told me? Sorry for so many questions its just that im not sure what im doing.
  2. owenma435

    Easy Meta tags

    It sometimes loads my normal categories but then when i click something else it loads up recreation and those categories. Do i have to apply easy meta tags in some where else? Why does it only happen sometimes?
  3. owenma435

    Easy Meta tags

    hi I installed everything fine and the links have changed perfectly. My only problem is that it changed my categories to bath, outdoor living, excercise & gym etc. My original categories don´t show anymore. I´m a noob at these kinds of things, but i managed to at least install it correctly. Also, where can i add my keywords so that search engines can find them and with what code? thanks a lot for this contribution