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  1. Hello to all! I've a question about one of the most discussed issues: Credit Card Payment trought Gateway of local bank. The Gateway need trought a "POST" form some fields, like: ORDER_ID MERCHANT_ID URLOK (Url to redirect if the payment goes well) URLKO (Url to redirect if the payment fails) URLACK (ACK Url to grep additiona infos (...) The payment request is sent with these infos to gateway. The gateway ask the buyer for CC informations and check trought internal processes if the purchase goes well. At the end a confirm page is shown. Now.... I cannot ask community to write for me the module, but some hints would be great! Is there a standard module i can use to customize and create what I need? So that the transiction could be done trought this gateway and all informations saved as well as always. Thank's a lot Simon