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  1. Sorry, hold the phone, I was being a moron. :blush:


    I got worried when I looked in phpMA this morning and thought there were no new entries, but I must have twiddled something in there, as the newest rows are now appearing at the top instead of the bottom (which I like better, actually).


    Naturally, this morning I looked at the bottom of the table, which contained entries from last night around the time I dumped the data.


    All is well.

  2. Hello, All,


    I've been using Supertracker for a month now, and enjoying it. But last night I decided to remove the 7000 oldest rows of data, using the interface that Supertracker provides. The only other thing I did at that time, prior to removing the rows, was to use phpMA to export these rows as a spreadsheet file to my PC.


    I noticed this morning that Supertracker stopped recording at that point. There have been no new rows of data. Normally I would have had 100 by now. Folks and bots are visiting the site - I can see them in Who's Online.


    Any ideas? :unsure:




  3. Well, necessity being the mother of invention, I eventually answered it myself! B)


    The key was to look in the shipping modules I was using (the file in the table rate contribtion I am using is called "regionsclass.php", but this procedure can be adapted to most shipping modules) for:


    $shipping =


    In my case, this appeared in this context:


    $shipping = ($regionsclass_table[$i+1] / 100) * $order_total_price;


    I looked around in the code for likely possibilities, and tried replacing "$total_order_price" with a string I saw in the "weight" option part of the file, "$shipping_weight", like so:


    $shipping = ($regionsclass_table[$i+1] / 100) * $shipping_weight;


    ...and it did exactly what I wanted. Shazam!



  4. Hi Folks!


    I've been running my store for some time using a table rate contribution that allows me to add multiple zones, and to use the modes "Weight", "Price", "Percentage", "Item-count", or "Per_Item".


    I've been using the "Percentage" mode, calculating by a percentage of the order price, and that's been fine.


    However, sometimes this leads to unrealistically high shipping quotes, because some of my products are light, and others heavy.


    In order not to upset my set-up, which works well otherwise, I thought I might be able to calculate the shipping based on a percentage of a custom value that I would place in the "weight" column (instead of using the value in the "price" column). Just a simple change, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've only recently begun to delve into PHP and the database itself, but will go there willingly with some help.


    I would be most grateful for some direction. Thanks in advance!



  5. Help! I know you're suppose to read all the posts to any subject, but there are so many! And I haven't been very successful using the search in the forum yet (...)


    Hi, Pam - just a handy hint - if you want to search the forum, don't bother with the forum's resident search, as it doesn't work very well. Search the forum using Google's advanced search, limiting results to the domain "forums.oscommerce.com".

  6. Hi Folks - Me again!


    Problem solved. I had read backwards in this thread, but not far enough. Finally found the same question at Post #490.


    It seems the installation into the database leaves out a row called "agent". You have to go into the database and insert that row.


    Equilla, who maintains this contribution, will probably fix it on the next update.


    Otherwise, it looks good and I look forward to supertracking. :)



  7. Hi All,


    Like the many folks who have posted above, when I install SuperTracker, my online catalogue disappears. In place of the index page, I get this message:



    1054 - Unknown column 'agent' in 'field list'


    INSERT INTO `supertracker` (`ip_address`, `browser_string`, `country_code`, `country_name`, `referrer`,`referrer_query_string`,`landing_page`,`exit_page`,`time_arrived`,`last_click`, `agent`) VALUES ('','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/2008070208 Firefox/3.0.1','ca', 'Canada', 'http://www.mydomain.com/', '','/catalog/','/catalog/index.php','2008-10-26 21:35:45','2008-10-26 21:35:45','')


    [TEP STOP]



    In the above quote I have substituted "mydomain" for my own domain name.


    I did run supertracker_setup_db.php. It was successful. The Admin side seems to be functional, but the tracker is not tracking. The SuperTracker screen in Admin says:



    Database Info: the Supertracker database currently holds 0 rows (oldest record : )



    even though I have had lots of traffic in the last few hours.


    Anyone know what is wrong? I am really looking forward to using this contribution!




    P.S.: I have restored my storefront by removing the SuperTracker code from application_top.php .

  8. Oops, sorry Glen! I just glanced at my file folder of osC mods while I wrote my post. It's not v3.5.4(2) - it's just a second copy of the download.


    Apparently I was so excited about it, I downloaded it twice! :lol:


    Thanks again, - and thanks to Leslie for rerassuring me about SuperTracker,


  9. Hi Glen!


    I installed the Who's Online Enhancement v3.5.4(2) a couple of days ago, and I LOVE it! Easy to install, and it's very informative and fun. Thank you very much for all your work. :)


    I wonder if anyone here is also using the SuperTracker contribution? I was thinkiing of installing it, too, but wondered if it would conflict with the Who's Online Enhancement in any way. I wouldn't want to screw it up. :rolleyes:


    Thanks again,


  10. Hi Folks,


    Here's a heart because you've been so helpful already!


    Just trying to refine my shipping. I have one rate for orders to Canada and USA, and another rate for "all others".


    Do I need to enter a list of every other country for the latter zone? Can I use the two-letter country designators instead of writing them out? In the examples already entered into one of the zones of the module, the word "global" is entered. Anyone tried this? If so, what exactly does it mean (perhaps it's a "wild-card", that picks up anything the previous zones did not include?)


    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    ~Wendy in Canada

  11. Update: I figured out how to access the stored CC#s in the database (so far just a "dummy" # that I made up for testing purposes). I see that osC's Credit Card module allows me to enact a storage procedure whereby 8 digits of the CC3 is stored in the server, while the other 8 digits are emailed to me along with the order info. This suits me fine, but I don't know if it would be strictly PCI-compliant. The deciding factor would seem to be whether the whole CC# is ever stored, even for an instant, on the server. If the answer is yes, then this would be considered a security breach, especially as the server is shared.

  12. This is a very informative thread!


    I'm just setting up osCommerce, to add online functionality to a web site we have had since 1995 (I designed and update it). We make our entire income through the site. Customers now expect to be able to order online, instead of having necessarily to phone or fax us with their credit card info.


    All the same, I was intending to harvest the order info from the server somehow (we don't get that many orders in a day) and simply key it into the telephone system we use to send our VISA/MC sales to the bank. This thread has made crystal clear to me that I must not consider doing this by email (I must admit I had my doubts and I hope that I would have come to the same conclusion myself).


    Before I do the explorations, is there anyone with a quick answer to how one might locate such information on the server, and then delete it after writing it down? Thanks!