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  1. Hi Ben, I was hoping you could help me out. I used the code that you suggested, and the error I received was: string(186) "<Error> <Number>80040b1a</Number> <Description>Username exceeds maximum length.</Description> <Source>UspsCom::DoAuth</Source> </Error>" Am I correct in thinking the username is too long? From what I understand, the username is the e-mail address. How can I fix this? Thanks! Emma
  2. I am building a brand new store for my organization, but I have very limited experience with website design and html. Our website is hosted on Register.com. and we're using osCommerce to actually build our store. One of things we're using osCommerce for is to process credit card information for people signing up for membership. This requires no shipping, and so naturally I assigned the membership 'products' a weight of 0.00. When I tried to purchase a membership, not only does it take me through the shipping process (which I don't want), but I also get this error message saying: "An error occurred with the USPS shipping calculation." I'm assuming this message stems from the fact that we have a product that doesn't have any weight to it, but in all honesty I really don't know what's going on. Does anyone have any insight into the problem or suggestions as to fixing it? Thanks! Em