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  1. JamesJamz

    Adding a php banner

    Hi All, I would like to add a php banner to my site, I've been trying to edit the includes/language/english/index.php file to look like this define('TEXT_MAIN', '...<hr noshade size="1">'.include('advert_banner.php').'<hr noshade size="1">...'); ignore the 3 dots at the beginning and end of the code (as there is code before and after it) but the above doesn't work, it just stops the rest of the page loading, and I've tried other things to no success... any ideas?
  2. On my OSc shop, I sell good driving road files for download onto a TomTom or Garmin sat nav... what I would like is some sort of mini gallery where users can upload their video's/images from the driving trip they went on, and upload them straight to the product page. Is there any thing like this already or will it have to be made from scratch?
  3. JamesJamz

    pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    One problem i have at the moment is that i have a modified version of PHPBB, and in the install, you just say replace the files... now i cannot do this due to having a modified version. Do you just have the change log of the phpbb files?