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  1. I got my programmer friend to kill that irritating yellow PayPal button as I didn't like that it bypassed the proper checkout, I dunno what he did but it now doesn't appear and you just go onto the next checkout screen and select your preferred payment method, then enter your coupon code. My coupon plugin works fine with Express Checkout. So if people clicked the yellow button then they would bypass the OSC page where the coupon box is programmed, amd I right?
  2. Make sure the new link is in admin/includes.boxes/customers.php so it reads:
  3. Yay it workls! Brilliant!! *buys virtual beer* :D :D
  4. Hiya, I've just installed this using the "shop already installed" method. Everything seems hunky dory so far regarding the rollout, but it's simply not applying or showing the discount on the checkout_confirmation.php screen. I'll go trawl your support threads for more answers but you can probably post up here faster than I can find it! I am test-buying using a CHEQUE option so have not tried to buy with PayPal yet as I can't send money to myself, I'll have to get a friend to do a test buy for me. The coupon I created is for multiple customer use. Thanks Rache EDIT - may be having a senior moment here but I've rolled out all your files, however when I go to MODULES - ORDER TOTAL, the coupons module is listed there but the INSTALL button is visible for this module. To enable the coupons do I need to install it, as I thought by modifying all the files, I had "installed" the module? I know that your README file says But you have not actually said what to do. I'm nervous about clicking the install button in case I break my entire website :blink:
  5. Well if that's root/includes/languages/english.php or admin/includes/languages/english.php then I'm not having any luck finding it....
  6. I am using v2.2 RC2 and the documentation on the OSC site ( shows an option to specify your shipping unit(s) - only I don't have that option. Can't seem to find anywhere to set what units i use, at the moment it's set to Kilograms which isn't too much fun as all my products are in mid to low grams in total can I specify the units? I saw this thread here and went to english.php but can't find anything that specifies units here. Does the package tare weight only apply to overseas shipping? (I'm UK based)
  7. I am having this problem, can someone point me to the cookies fix? I think these long URLs are affecting my search engine placings :(
  8. Does this plugin work with V2.2 RC2?
  9. i use PayPal Express now but what it doesn't do it carry across the OSC order number to PayPal, so when the payment email comes thru I can't match it up immediately. Any way round this? Usually the order email and paypal come thru straight away but it'd still be handy to have the order number assed into the Paypal payment.
  10. Log into PayPal, click PROFILE, then look under SELLING PREFERENCES> There you will see (amongst others) # Payment Receiving Preferences # Instant Payment Notification Preferences # Website Payment Preferences # Encrypted Payment Settings In Website Payment Preferences, make sure AUTO RETURN is turned on. Mind you, none of this is helping with the issue I'm having where PayPal payments aren' being completed, the order appears in the admin panel but I get no email notification. :(
  11. I too am having this problem where a customer places an order and I don't get an email informing me of the order, nor do I get a Paypal payment through - even though the order appears on my admin page. I'm using Website Payments Standard v1.0. The stock isn't deducted because the Paypal payment isn't complete. This happens randomly which is bloody annoying. One minute it's taking payments and emailing me like norm, the next I have orders marked as PENDING with no PayPal payment, and no notification email sent to me from OSC. My IPN settings are as above re: preparing & acknowledge order statuses. What does the "Transaction method" setting mean - currently set to SALE. Can I upgrade the website payments standard module to something less buggy?
  12. I've programmed my UK postage to be based on order value, but is it possible to add an extra choice for the customer, so if they want their order sent Recorded Delivery, they tick a box and 70p is added to the total shipping?
  13. and still I have no solution to this problem.......... :(
  14. Bump...........?