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  1. Thank you very much :) helped me a lot!
  2. ok a bit of an update my so called friend said I only need to modify one of the 2 php files in the easy populate mod to get it to import url's as images and he said it's only one line of code but he won't tell me! Some friend hey? :lol: has anyone got any ideas of what line he's talking about?
  3. I have tried this and followed instructions to a T and it don't work. Got any ideas why is this thread still live. This is so stupid trying to get remote images to work with easy populate why did they no make it handle this or is there a mod to make easy populate to do this. A royal pain in the ass this has been. Surly someone must run easy populate with images set as a http:// address can anyone please help me I have been trying for weeks to get this to work. I have tried dosterhout method and in OSC it appears as get_product_image.php?id=HTTP:// the image no the image for the link provided.
  4. from looking around many have tried this but it's not possible with easy populate to use remote images is this correct? So I stop wasting my time
  5. Oh also the thing I don't understand is if you add a product manually and put in http:// address for image it works :-"
  6. Hello all :D I need some help to get Easy Populate 2.76 to import images via a web address like Products Import from CSV File v2.0 can. I have Easy Populate 2.76 working but I need it to get it's images via a http:// address when I put the web address in for the images in the the Easy Populate import file they don't appear like they do with Products Import from CSV File v2.0. With Products Import from CSV File v2.0 you put in the http://address and it puts the image in no problems. With Easy Populate 2.76 you put in the http://address and it puts the image don't work. Any ideas how to get this working?
  7. silly me I thought you could use images via a url. Is there a way to use a url / web link for your product images. All my data feeds have products via a web link and there are thousands of them. Surly there would be many others using feeds like that
  8. Hello All :) I'm having a problem with easy populate add-on I have installed a fresh copy of OSC 2.2 RC 2a and then installed the easy populate mod as directed. It imports and exports fine but if I put an image in as a web link like you are supposed to be able to do. it is not creating the image in my images folder so there is no picture displayed in the website. Here is the test site Here is the .csv file I'm using If you need to look at the admin area let me know I can PM the details for login. I am really stuck with this googled for hours and can't find a solution. Please help me! :'(