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  1. This simple addition solution works well...... YES!
  2. According to my host it is there fairewall preventing this from working and they are going to allow so I will check back later to let you know if the get_products_image.php really works nomad
  3. Other info you may ask... using easy populate to upload products and have placed the format stated in the product image area... get_product_image.php?id=HTTP:// Things I've noticed... Some of the image names are too long now so that will have to be resolved once the images are showing... When the image is placed in the image directory as osCom expects it works fine. The image is at the url.
  4. I've been fighting this same issue for 3 days... I've even tried to use the contribution get_product_image with no luck this it the code.. <?php /* Get images from a remote server, see readme.txt for instructions, free for all to use. by Sean Clark - 2007 */ header('Content-type: image/jpeg'); readfile($_GET['id']); ?> I have the php file in /calalog/images/ is directed if you go to you can tell the file is there... any help would be greatly appreciated dan