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  1. entree

    Paypal drops shipping

    yes i found it, thanx, it's working properly now
  2. entree

    Paypal drops shipping

    where exactly, am looking but i'm not seeing it, i looked in the Website Payment Preferences but i dont see it
  3. entree

    Paypal drops shipping

    as soon as it leaves my site and go to paypal, it only shows the item price, shipping isn't there, am using v2.2, help please
  4. entree

    Weestern Union problem

  5. entree

    Weestern Union problem

    1. when this option is chosen, i see in red but the currency i'm in is US$, how can i change this? 2. the receiver would get this in their email notice that the "name of your website, youremail@address.com etc." aren't filled in? even though i've filled them in, help please
  6. entree

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi, i've tried everything (except starting over) that's been said in the thread but am unable to see a clickable link, my head hurts, i've been trying to figure out what am i doing wrong. any body else in my boat