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  1. peuge

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Ok so just installed this much needed contrib. THANKS!!!! So everything works, preview and all and looks good. But when I send it stays on the Please wait .. sending emails .. Please do not interrupt this process! It is not sending the e-mails? Is there something I need to check with my hosting company? Thanks in advance
  2. peuge

    Ultimate SEO and Googlesitemap

    I am using 2.1d and I have re-created the maps. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. I have ultimate SEO Urls installed and the GoogleSitemap (both by Chemo). Are the urls in the sitemap meant to be .html For example in my sitemap the url will be http://echocomputers.co.za/product_info.php?products_id=724 but in my browser the url will be http://echocomputers.co.za/canon-digital-i...dial-p-724.html Is there a way to make the url in the sitemap like the one above or does it not matter? Any help much appreciated. Thanks My sitemap is www.echocomputers.co.za/sitemapproducts.xml
  4. peuge

    CAPTCHA Add-on

    I was wandering if anyone knows of a CAPTCHA add on for registering new users? If have searched the add-ons and only found a contact us form. Thanks